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What if you could build a competency assessment tool to assess and advise respondents?

Competency assessments objectively align stakeholder views on employee potential and needs. They also increase employee engagement.  

Pointerpro is the 2-in-1 software that combines assessment building with personalized PDF report generation.

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What is a competency assessment?

An online competency assessment is a nuanced tool designed to evaluate an individual’s overall capability in a specific role, extending beyond mere skills. As opposed to traditional skills assessments that focus more on (technical) abilities for professional objectives, these assessments encompass a broader range of attributes, including knowledge, behaviors, and personal qualities. They delve into the “what” and the “why” behind task execution, offering a comprehensive view of an individual’s competencies that are crucial for success in their role. 

This approach is instrumental in identifying key areas for development and ensuring a holistic understanding of one’s potential and performance. You might say that a competency assessment is particularly useful when considering employees for the long-term challenges of your organization, rather than only for the short-term challenges.

3 reasons to use Pointerpro as a competency
assessment tool?

3 reasons to use Pointerpro as a competency
assessment tool?

Number 1

Interactive user experience

With the Questionnaire Builder you get to create an engaging assessment. How? With numerous design and layout options, useful widgets and countless question types.

Number 2

Refined, score-based analysis

Our custom scoring engine helps you quantify different competencies in your assessment. The result? An objective and very nuanced assessment of your respondents.

Number 3

Automated feedback in PDF

Thanks to your setup in the Report Builder, respondents instantly get a detailed PDF report: with helpful charts, a personalized analysis of risks, and actionable tips.

Interactive user experience
Numerous design options, useful widgets, and countless question types.
Refined, score-based analysis
Our custom scoring engine helps you quantify distinct competency domains.
Automated feedback in PDF
For each respondent! With helpful charts, a detailed analysis, and actionable tips.

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3 steps to creating competency-based assessments in an organization

Step 1: Define the competencies you want to assess (competency mapping)

Defining competencies as a leader in an organization is a critical process that can significantly impact the effectiveness and success of your team. Here’s a step-by-step approach to help you define the competencies you’re looking for:

Step 2: Create the competency assessment framework

After defining the competencies, the next step is to design an assessment that accurately measures them. This involves:

Step 3: Implement, distribute, and manage the competency assessment

With your online assessment tool in place, the final step is to effectively implement and manage the competency assessments across your organization. This involves a streamlined process for distribution, monitoring, and refining the assessments:

* Custom scoring explained in simple terms by our Product Director, Bruno.

30 competency assessment example questions

Here are 30 of the best competency assessment template questions divided into 3 similar but distinct categories:

10 employee competency assessment example questions

These competency assessment template questions are designed to elicit responses that reveal employees’ behavioral competencies. They focus on their integration within the company, their role in ongoing processes, and their contribution to the organization’s objectives.

Unlike pre-employment questions, which aim to predict potential and fit, these questions assess actual performance, engagement, and alignment with company values and goals. They help in understanding how well the employee has adapted to and grown within the organizational culture and their role in continuous improvement. This approach provides valuable insights for employee development plans, succession planning, and overall organizational health.

10 pre-employment competency assessment example questions

These pre-employment competency assessment template questions differ from employee assessments in that they focus more on potential and adaptability rather than existing role-specific knowledge and experience. Pre-employment questions are designed to gauge a candidate’s inherent qualities, such as learning agility, problem-solving skills, and potential for growth and leadership.

These assessments aim to predict how well a candidate will fit into the company culture and handle future challenges, rather than evaluating their performance in a current role. This approach is critical in identifying individuals who are not only capable of fulfilling the job requirements but also possess the potential to grow, adapt, and thrive within the organization. A good pre-employment competency assessment template can really boost your recruitment.

10 laboratory competency assessment example questions

Laboratory competency assessments are designed to ensure that laboratory personnel are competent to perform specific tasks and procedures accurately and safely. They’re much broader than just questionnaire-based evaluations. They often include practical demonstrations, direct observations, proficiency testing, and reviews of test results and records, in addition to questionnaires or written tests. 

However, a questionnaire can still be an integral part of a laboratory competency assessment, focusing on theoretical knowledge, understanding of procedures, and compliance with standards. Here are 10 laboratory competency assessment template questions:

Laboratory competency assessments are crucial for ensuring that personnel have the necessary competencies and knowledge to perform laboratory tasks accurately and safely. The questions above are designed to evaluate theoretical understanding, practical application, and adherence to protocols and procedures. 

These assessments are vital for maintaining the integrity of laboratory work, ensuring accurate and reliable test results, and upholding safety standards. They are essential not only for the quality control of laboratory processes but also for the ongoing professional development of laboratory personnel. Through these assessments, laboratories can identify areas for improvement and training, ultimately contributing to the advancement of scientific and medical research and diagnostics.

What Pointerpro clients are saying

How a competency assessment template can boost recruitment

A competency assessment template in recruitment is a structured tool that helps to identify and measure the key competencies required for a specific role. This approach boosts recruitment in several ways:

Should I build a competency assessment template in Excel?

While Excel is a valuable tool for the initial development and quantitative modeling of a competency assessment, it is not suitable as a comprehensive, standalone solution for distributing and managing these assessments. Its primary strength lies in the preparational phase of creating the assessment structure (setting up a quantitative model). For the actual creation and administration of the assessment, specialized tools like Pointerpro are recommended, as they offer a secure, efficient, and user-friendly experience for both administrators and respondents.

Limitations of using Excel for full assessment building and distribution

In the video below, Pointerpro co-founder Mark Penson touches on the limitations of so-called duct-tape solutions:

Limitations of using Excel for full assessment building and distribution

In the video below, Pointerpro co-founder Mark Penson touches on the limitations of so-called duct-tape solutions:

In essence, Excel is an excellent tool for laying the groundwork for a competency assessment template, but again, you really need a dedicated assessment platform for optimal implementation and management of your assessment.

Also, once you’ve collected data from your assessment, Excel can still be useful to analyze data or perform benchmark analyses on external or historical data. So no reason to get rid of Excel or any other spreadsheet tool you may use, just yet!

7 other common competency assessment templates

In certain contexts, you may want to develop very specific competency assessments. For instance, if you’re a specialized consultant in a particular domain or industry:

Each of these competency assessment templates is structured to address the specific competencies relevant to different roles, ensuring a comprehensive and effective assessment process.

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