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Looking to build surveys and questionnaires? QuestionPro and Pointerpro are both strong contenders. However, if you’re looking for a solution that extends beyond basic forms, Pointerpro boasts several distinctive advantages:

How are we different from QuestionPro

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One tool for multiple purposes

QuestionPro is primarily designed for research purposes, excelling in data collection and analysis. On the other hand, Pointerpro offers a multifaceted approach, making it suitable for various applications beyond research:

  • Lead generation: Pointerpro empowers you to create engaging assessments that not only collect data but also serve as effective lead generation tools.
  • Data collection: While Pointerpro is versatile enough for research purposes, it extends its capabilities to other areas, providing a broader spectrum of usability.
  • Assessments with automated PDF reports: One of Pointerpro’s standout features is its ability to create assessments accompanied by automated PDF reports. This functionality is ideal for delivering personalized feedback and insights to respondents, enhancing the assessment experience.


In essence, while QuestionPro remains a powerful tool for research, Pointerpro offers a comprehensive solution that can be leveraged for lead generation, data collection, assessments, and automated PDF reporting, making it a versatile choice for diverse needs.

Advanced and customizable questionnaire builder

When it comes to crafting advanced and customizable questionnaires, Pointerpro takes the lead in comparison to Questionpro. Thanks to question skipping, branching, advanced question logic, and custom formulas, Pointerpro delivers a fully personalized assessment experience. The result? You collect meaningful data and provide highly targeted feedback, based on individual responses. 

So, when you’re seeking a questionnaire builder that goes beyond the basics and offers advanced customization, Pointerpro stands out as the ideal choice.

Get insights and deliver personalized PDF reports

Your respondents are taking time out of their busy days to answer your questionnaire or to take your assessment. Give them insightful feedback!

With Pointerpro, you can generate personalized PDF reports with flexible content. Forget rigid PDF templates that cramp your style. Pointerpro offers solid and variable text, graphs, and images based on your respondents’ answers. Plus, our reports are instantly downloadable and require no coding. Every respondent will walk away with something of value to them.

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Don't have time? Let us build it for you!

Do you have any custom requests? we’re all ears! At Pointerpro, we are not afraid to take on custom development, as it brings new features to our tool and it opens up new ideas. Taking on your challenges has brought us to where we are today.

We go the extra mile for all our customers, big and small. Whether it’s creating a simple custom rating icon, designing your questionnaires and PDF reports for you, or building entirely new features, we’d love to hear from you.

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