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Companies with engaged employees that are satisfied with their job outperform those without by up to 200%! An employee’s relationship with supervisors and the company they work for is key to their motivation, productivity, and overall job satisfaction. Time to start measuring! Use our interactive job satisfaction surveys to:

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Measure employee job satisfaction through mobile surveys

Considering that over 70% of employees aren’t fully engaged with their companies, it’s important to offer them a way to voice their opinions and start a conversation that could allow them to talk more about how they feel about the work that they’re doing, and the company culture as a whole. Using a work satisfaction questionnaire, you get the insights you need to make improvements that will improve the productivity of your team and your business.

Mobile surveys are an efficient way for people to provide anonymous feedback on a departmental or organization-wide basis. By polling them at random times during the day on their own mobile devices, with a customized employee job satisfaction survey questionnaire, your staff is likely to give you their input more freely.

In order to improve your employees’ engagement and overall satisfaction within your company, first, you’ve got to create a survey about job satisfaction that they’ll actually want to engage with. A simple text-based form may seem like the easiest solution, but you won’t get the deep insights you need that will actually make the difference.

If you want to minimize your employee turnover, you may find what you need in exit interviews. These help you find the strengths and weaknesses of your company, reduce staff turnover and even shorten the hiring process. View our exit interview survey approach for sample survey questions, tips on how to improve participation – and which questions you shouldn’t ask.

However, you may find that exit interviews are delivering insights too late. The key to retaining more employees and avoiding costly turnover is using job satisfaction surveys more often – and quickly implementing changes and improvements that keep your staff motivated and happy.

How unsatisfied employees can affect your business or organization

Get started with survey templates built for mobile, ready-to-use and fully Branded with a single click

Employee engagement survey template

Templates asking job satisfaction survey questions make it easy for a company to quickly create a tool to measure how satisfied and engaged their employees are. The templates offered below each contain proven, professionally written questions that you can edit, delete or use as is. When you’re finished you’ll have field-tested employee satisfaction survey questions that are ready to use right away.

Simply select the job satisfaction survey from the template overview when you create a new survey. Personalize the questions to your specific needs: upload your logo and a single click will set our color detector at work to brand your survey with the correct colors. Respondents are able to use their own mobile devices to take your surveys, in the moments that it really matters. Review results immediately within the tool and download them anytime for deeper analysis, integrations into CRM or other systems.

Need tips on how to create a questionnaire they’ll be excited to answer? Here are 8 Tips to Increase Employee Survey Participation Rates.

Use employee & job satisfaction surveys to:

9 questions to use in your next job satisfaction survey

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4 Tips to perfect your job satisfaction surveys

Ask the right survey questions
By using our template survey for employee engagement, you’ll have a strong base to work from and it’ll get you the actionable insights you need.

Be conversational
Use your employees’ language. Make them smile by adding audio and video into your survey. Perhaps there’s a running office joke? It’ll all add up to a more engaged person willing to share more with you.

Set goals
This might be the obvious one, but it’s important to decide what you want to do with the results before you start collecting them. It’ll help you limit the number of questions you need to ask in a single survey and give you a clear idea of actions that should be taken after the results are in.

Be open
Tell your employees why you’re asking what you’re asking. Share your findings afterwards, include them in the entire process. They’ll appreciate being asked when they know how their information is going to be used and what came out of it afterwards.

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