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In the realm of form and survey builders, Pointerpro and Jotform are two strong contenders. Yet, when it comes to elevating your assessments and surveys, Pointerpro truly shines. Here’s how Pointerpro distinguishes itself from Jotform:

How are we different from Jotform

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More than just data collection

Jotform is renowned for creating surveys and forms, ideal for lead generation and data collection. However, Pointerpro outshines by offering a deeper range of use-cases.

Our platform is more versatile, with powerful custom scoring and customization options that integrate seamlessly into various applications. This makes Pointerpro the go-to choice for marketers, HR professionals, and consultants alike.

Whether you need lead generation, culture enhancement, training, or employee assessments, Pointerpro delivers. We prioritize intuitive customization with features like formulas, outcomes, and custom scoring. With Pointerpro, your assessment process is streamlined and precisely tailored to your needs.

Advanced and customizable questionnaire builder

When comparing Jotform to Pointerpro, it’s clear that Pointerpro leads the way in advanced features. With dynamic question skipping, branching, advanced logic, and customizable formulas, Pointerpro offers a truly personalized assessment experience. This means you can gather insightful data and offer highly specific feedback based on individual responses.

In contrast, Jotform provides simpler question types and basic scoring, which limits the level of personalization and the depth of insights you can achieve. If you’re looking to take your assessments to the next level, Pointerpro is the obvious choice.

Get insights and deliver personalized PDF reports

Your respondents are taking time out of their busy days to take your assessments because they are trying to get valuable insights. Make their time worthwhile.

While Jotfrom simply transforms the responded forms into PDF files, Pointerpro generates personalized PDF reports with dynamic content based on the responses. Pointerpro offers solid and variable text, graphs, and images based on your respondents’ answers. Plus, our reports are instantly downloadable and require no coding. Every respondent will walk away with something of value to them.

assessments with personalized reports
How we stack up​
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Don't have time? Let us build it for you!

Do you have any custom requests? we’re all ears! At Pointerpro, we are not afraid to take on custom development, as it brings new features to our tool and it opens up new ideas. Taking on your challenges has brought us to where we are today.

We go the extra mile for all our customers, big and small. Whether it’s creating a simple custom rating icon, designing your questionnaires and PDF reports for you, or building entirely new features, we’d love to hear from you.

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