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An interactive calculator takes input from respondents and uses this data combined with formulas to generate numerical results. This makes interactive calculators the perfect lead generation tool as it allows respondents to evaluate your specific solution to their pain points quickly.

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What is an interactive calculator?

A calculator is a type of interactive content that takes inputs from users and makes calculations, based on formulas to generate numerical results. This allows you to evaluate specific solutions to respondents’ pain points immediately.

Calculators let your audience quickly quantify the impact of a pain point or specify the potential value of your product solution. When used as a lead generator and qualifier, calculators have the advantage that there’s no direct interaction needed with a sales person of your team, making them more appealing to sales and marketing teams.

In general, with calculators, you are able to enhance the dialogue with your audience by providing valuable, personalized content (with or without a personalized PDF report) at specific stages in their buying journey.

While calculators can be use anywhere within the funnel, they tend to work best towards the middle or bottom of the funnel, as they help users find solutions to an identified problem. For example, you could create a energy savings calculator that showcases how your service can impact their monthly energy bill or an ROI calculator to highlight the value your services provide.

Why use Pointerpro to create an interactive calculator?
Why use Pointerpro to create an interactive calculator?

Immediate feedback

Using the advanced formulas and personalized outcomes will help both you and the respondent get deeper insights.


White label option

Remove any reference to Pointerpro and add your own brand with our white label solution.


Use Intelligent Integrations

Automatically transfer all data to all your favorite tools and apps via one of our many integration options.

Immediate feedback
Get deeper insights using the advanced formulas and personalized outcomes.
White label option
Remove any reference to Pointerpro and add your own brand with our white label solution.
Use intelligent integrations
Transfer all data to all your favorite tools and apps via one of our many integration options.

What are the benefits of an interactive calculator?

Having a calculator on your website can offer several benefits that enhance user experience, engagement, and the overall value your website provides. Here are some advantages of incorporating a calculator:

Incorporating a calculator into your website’s design can provide tangible benefits that enhance user engagement, boost your website’s utility, and contribute to achieving your business goals.

What are types of custom calculators you can build?

There’s a wide range of custom calculators you can build for your website, catering to different industries, user needs, and purposes. Here are some types of custom calculators you can consider creating:

Financial Calculators:

  • Mortgage Calculator: Helps users estimate monthly mortgage payments based on loan amount, interest rate, and term.
  • Loan Repayment Calculator: Calculates loan repayment schedules and interest costs for various loan types.
  • Retirement Savings Calculator: Estimates the amount users need to save for retirement based on their age, income, and goals.

Health and Fitness Calculators:

  • BMI Calculator: Calculates Body Mass Index based on height and weight to assess health status.
  • Calorie Counter: Helps users estimate daily caloric intake based on activity level and weight goals.
  • Workout Progress Tracker: Allows users to log and track their workout routines and progress.

Conversion Calculators:

  • Unit Converter: Converts between different units of measurement (length, weight, volume, etc.).
  • Currency Converter: Converts currencies based on real-time exchange rates.

Travel Calculators:

  • Travel Budget Calculator: Helps users plan travel expenses, including flights, accommodation, and activities.
  • Travel Time Calculator: Estimates travel time between locations by different modes of transportation.

Home Improvement Calculators:

  • Paint or Wallpaper Calculator: Estimates the amount of paint or wallpaper needed for a room.
  • Flooring Calculator: Calculates the amount of flooring material required for a specific area.

Educational Calculators:

  • GPA Calculator: Calculates Grade Point Average based on course grades and credit hours.
  • Exam Score Calculator: Helps students estimate the score they need on an upcoming exam to achieve a desired final grade.

E-commerce Calculators:

  • Price Comparison Calculator: Compares prices of products with different quantities or sizes.
  • Discount Calculator: Calculates discounts and final prices for products on sale.

Real Estate Calculators:

  • Property ROI Calculator: Estimates the return on investment for real estate properties.
  • Rental Yield Calculator: Calculates the annual rental yield for investment properties.

Investment Calculators:

  • Compound Interest Calculator: Calculates the growth of investments with compound interest over time.
  • ROI Calculator: Determines the return on investment for various business ventures.

Environmental Impact Calculators:

  • Carbon Footprint Calculator: Estimates an individual’s carbon footprint based on lifestyle choices.
  • Energy Savings Calculator: Helps users calculate potential energy savings from adopting energy-efficient practices.

Nutrition Calculators:

  • Macronutrient Calculator: Calculates daily macronutrient intake based on dietary goals.
  • Recipe Scaling Calculator: Scales ingredient quantities in recipes to accommodate different serving sizes.

These are just a few examples of the diverse types of custom calculators you can build. The key is to identify your target audience, their needs, and the specific problems they’re trying to solve. By creating calculators that address these needs, you can enhance user engagement, provide valuable tools, and establish your website as a reliable resource in your industry.

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