The DISC personality test with auto-personalized feedback

A DISC test built with Pointerpro doesn’t just determine a DISC type or personality profile.

It outlines a personalized path for growth in a PDF report. 

Time to build your brand of  DISC assessments now.

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Why your DISC test will be different: data-driven feedback in PDF reports!


More communication

Give respondents guidelines to tailor their communication approach to the styles of co-workers or customers.


More teamwork

Explain to all team members how to leverage their individual strengths in their collaborative settings.


More productivity

Align work styles with people’s natural inclinations to efficiently contribute to the organization’s goals.

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Here’s what Pointerpro users have to say:


DISC assessments that advise immediately

Once you’ve set up your assessment score calculations and PDF report template, Pointerpro generates personalized feedback reports for each and every respondent, right after completion (or with a delay if that’s what you prefer).

Your know-how, your design, your brand

The know-how that ensues from your DISC assessments and reports makes your service fruitful and memorable. The custom and branded designs of your auto-generated PDF reports make it unforgettable.

All in one solution

One tool to manage it all

Typically, a complex and expensive chain of IT tools is required to get from data collection to analysis and reporting. Not with Pointerpro. That said, it’s easy to transfer any data to other apps via Zapier.

How to make a good DISC assessment:

First: What are the four DISC personality styles?

Number 1


Assertive people who make decisions quickly and objectively.

Characteristics: charisma and leadership.
Motivations: result, action, challenge

Number 2


Optimistic people who are concerned with others’ feelings.

Characteristics: openness and social awareness.
Motivations: recognition and fun

Number 3


Patient people who are great listeners and happy to help.

Characteristics: warmth and need for time to adapt.
Motivations: appreciation and tranquility



Introverted people who like focused working on tasks. 

Characteristics: demanding but diplomatic
Motivations: clear procedures and quality

What are good questions for a DISC personality test (examples)?

A DISC personality test measures respondents’ behavioral preferences and tendencies. With Pointerpro you collect data efficiently and analyze everything objectively to match results with  meaningful conclusions. An effective DISC test uses a mix of questions that  are visual, contextual and self-reflective.

Why should you build and use a DISC personality test (benefits)?

DISC assessments can be an essential tool to help build dynamic, successful teams:

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