Efficiently boost your assessment and report distribution

Online assessments with auto-personalized advice reports make your service professional.

Our Distribution Portal makes it powerful.

More than 1.500 companies and consultants use Pointerpro

With the Distribution Portal, your customers or co-workers administer your assessments to their network

Be more effective

Get an all-in-1 platform to manage assessments, reports, and distribution independently.

Amplify your growth

Delegate assessment distribution to customers or co-workers. No need to increase your payroll.

Boost your brand and $

Productize and monetize to the fullest by plugging your Distribution Portal into an e-shop.

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Full control over assessment and report distribution

You decide who has access to each assessment, as well as to individual data. That’s because the Distribution Portal has different levels.

3 levels of access


For whom? The person who manages the assessments and automated report templates on Pointerpro.* 

* probably you.

For what?
To manage the content of assessments and the access to them.


For whom? Your customer or co-worker who distributes your assessments to their audience and follows up on the results.


For what? To set up email campaigns and distribute one or multiple assessments to networks of contacts.


For whom? Any contact that has been invited to take  assessments.* 

* the respondent


For what? To follow up on to-do assessments and access their personalized reports.

* Contact zone is optional

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How to monetize consulting online

As a consultant, coach, or agency, you want to deliver quality advice to as many customers as possible, right?
Distribution Portal endows you with a great opportunity: to sell your assessments as valuable digital products, to a maximized audience. 

Integrate with your webshop of choice

Distribution Portal allows you to plug into e-commerce websites through the magic of our developers’ application programming interface (better known as API). 

Don’t have a website to sell your assessments yet? 
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