Communication style quiz

The communication style quiz explains how respondents communicate with others. It helps them understand what their communication style means and how to improve on their approach.

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Why use Pointerpro as a communication style quiz?
Why use Pointerpro as a communication style quiz?

White label option

If this is a quiz to learn more about your employees, you want it to reflect your business. Make the quiz your own with Pointerpro’s White Label option, which removes our branding on your questionnaires.


Zapier integration

Share your results with others so they can learn how to better communicate with you, too! The Zapier integration automatically transfers your data from the assessment to your favorite tools and apps.

Key features

Use Pointerpro’s custom scoring, question grouping and outcomes to personalize your quiz.
White label option
Remove any mention of Pointerpro and apply custom URLs and styling for your quizzes.
Zapier integration
Transfer your data to your favorite tools and apps with Zapier.
Key features
Use Pointerpro's custom scoring, question grouping and outcomes to personalize your quiz.

What is a communication style quiz?

Whether it’s with your personal life or professional life, being an efficient communicator is an essential skill. Effective communication means the difference between a relationship thriving or failing, or an important project being successful or a disaster. Everyone communicates differently, so learning your specific style can help you gain insight into how you interact with others.

There are four communication styles:

Communication style quiz template

Communication Style Quiz

Tips to create a great communication style quiz

Vary your types of questions with multiple choice, scales and open-ended questions. You want to evaluate respondents’ communication, so make sure to capture their attention with your communication skills!

Include various types of media within your quiz. Content such as videos can help respondents better understand your questions – plus, they make the quiz more interesting!
Make sure to include constructive feedback on how respondents can improve their communication styles. The point of this quiz is for them to know where they currently stand, so they can improve!

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