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Are you looking for an assessment builder that makes you stand out as a skilfull professional? Then you’ll need more than what Brilliant Assessments has to offer. Here’s how Pointerpro stacks up:

How is Pointerpro different from Brilliant Assessments?

assessments with personalized reports

Advanced and customizable questionnaire builder

Pointerpro surpasses Brilliant Assessments with its advanced features. Thanks to question skipping, branching, advanced question logic, and custom formulas, Pointerpro delivers a fully personalized assessment experience. The result? You collect meaningful data and provide highly targeted feedback based on individual responses.

In contrast, Brilliant Assessments offers simpler question types and basic scoring, limiting the level of personalization and depth of insights.

Flexible design capabilities and custom CSS

With Pointerpro, you create assessments that nobody can replicate. Why? Because you apply your branding, your colours, and your tailored layouts. The result? Standout assessments that reflect your unique brand identity. 

Want to go really advanced? No problem. The platform allows you to add custom CSS. 

The PDF report is just as effective. While Brilliant Assessments limits users to a standard “form” format, you create professional, visually captivating and customer-facing content with Pointerpro.

One solution, multiple purposes

Pointerpro surpasses Brilliant Assessments because it is a robust and streamlined platform. One that’s suitable for creating assessments, questionnaires, surveys, and quizzes.

While Brilliant Assessments is limited to generic assessment generation, Pointerpro lets you build personalized assessments for lead generation, maturity measurement, skills evaluation, and much more.

Above all, with Pointerpro, your assessments auto-generate customized PDF reports based on individual responses. That way, you go from as-is assessment to actionable advice delivery.

assessments with personalized reports
How we stack up​
PointerproBrilliant Assessments
Best forMarketing, HR, ConsultantsConsultants
Data Collectionbullet-orange_imagebullet-orange_image
Answer-based PDF Report Generationbullet-orange_imagebullet-orange_image
Respondent Insightsbullet-orange_image
Advanced Scoringbullet-orange_image
Custom Formulasbullet-orange_image
Multiple Outcomesbullet-orange_image
Custom CSSbullet-orange_image
Custom Design & Layoutbullet-orange_image
White Labelingbullet-orange_image
Professional Services & Consultingbullet-orange_image
Assessment and report distributionbullet-orange_imagebullet-orange_image
Don't have time? Let us build it for you!

Do you have any custom requests? we’re all ears! At Pointerpro, we are not afraid to take on custom development, as it brings new features to our tool and it opens up new ideas. Taking on your challenges has brought us to where we are today.

We go the extra mile for all our customers, big and small. Whether it’s creating a simple custom rating icon, designing your questionnaires and PDF reports for you, or building entirely new features, we’d love to hear from you.

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