A competency assessment tool to auto-personalize feedback

Markets evolve. Organizations too. And so does the skill set needed to keep up. With Pointerpro, you build powerful assessments. What you get out of them is this:

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3 employee experience tools in 1, with personalized PDF reports


1. Recruitment & selection

Attract candidates and match their profiles to vacancies. Incentivize engagement with your assessment by offering auto-personalized feedback in PDF reports.


2. Employee performance

Evaluate employees’ knowledge to identify gaps or untapped potential and set the right standards by showing clearly visualized benchmarks in PDF reports.


3. Employee development

Survey employee satisfaction and ambitions. Map them to skills and available learning opportunities. Give actionable advice in PDF reports.

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How it works:
How it works:


You set up your questionnaire with various question types, once.



You apply the assessment logic with custom scoring, once.



You create a branded report template with variable outcomes, once.

You set up your questionnaire, once.
You apply your evaluation logic, once.
You create a report template, once.

Actionable feedback, awesome PDF reports​

Each assessment becomes a satisfying candidate or employee experience. Within minutes after completion, respondents receive a personalized and professionally branded PDF report.

One tool, no complexity

Typically, a complex and expensive chain of tools is required to get from data collection and analysis to personalized reporting. Not with Pointerpro. It all happens on one platform.

All in one solution

Create your first competency assessment today.

easy as pie

Teamwork makes the dream work

As an administrator you let managers view results or even contribute to building assessments with their knowledge. Multiple administrators on one account are an option too.

Delegate & boost distribution

Not only can you deliver PDF reviews directly to employees’ mailboxes. With the premium feature, Distribution Portal, managers administer to-do assessments and reports to their team members themselves. All the while, you keep oversight and stay in control.

Create your first competency assessment today.

What is a (good) competency assessment?

A competency assessment reveals people’s key skills, talents, and areas of weakness. It allows you to find or create the right match between employees and responsibilities. 

An effective one is digital, mobile-responsive, uses a carefully designed question structure, and custom score calculations. It also visualizes collected data to effectively inform both employer and employee. A competency assessment built with Pointerpro ticks all of these boxes.

Why use a competency assessment tool?

A competency assessment improves your HR processes: It provides objective screening, analysis (including benchmarks), and profiling. It allows an organization to attract the right candidates, provide paths for employee development, and increase job satisfaction.

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