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In every company, people are hired and given a position that matches their talents and skills. But how can you ensure that new hires are placed in the right position?

Simple. Use a competency assessment tool to determine an individual’s potential in key areas, and create a better employee profile. This profile can then be matched with a suitable position or used to map a personalized development plan.

Using a competency assessment tool ensures:

What is a competency assessment?

In the most basic sense, a competency assessment, or competency evaluation, reveals a job candidate’s key skills, talents, and areas of weakness. And having this information puts you at a key advantage – you’re able to better fit an open position to a candidate – and ensure that they’ll be successful in their role. This means fewer resources will be spent on costly employee turnover, and you’ll have a more productive, happier workforce.

What’s included in the competency assessment template:

As seen in the assessment template sample shared above, it’s advised that any competency assessment tools you use should contain the following elements:

It is important that the employee encounters no practical barriers whatsoever while taking the test: Mobile devices such as a tablet or smartphone are ideally suited increasingly the device of choice when it comes to taking assessments or questionnaires. Our software is fully mobile optimized for smartphones and tablets and is guaranteed to provide a user-friendly experience. Competency assessments through paper forms, pdf or word documents is also possible but has the disadvantage that the data still needs to be transferred to a central system as a separate action, which is a tedious and error-prone task.

To get the most accurate, honest results, it’s important to reduce barriers to completion as much as you possibly can. Pointerpro software provides assessment templates and questionnaires that are already mobile-optimized for smartphones and tablets, so respondents can easily answer on their own device, at their own pace. We’ve designed these tools to be user-friendly, making our surveys and assessments simple to use, share and answer.

Of course, some companies still use paper forms, PDFs or Word documents for their competency assessments. While for many it’s a case of ‘that’s the way it’s always been done’, these methods aren’t without their own challenges – the most important being the need to transfer the collected data to a larger, central system as a separate action, which not only requires additional resources and analysis but can result in errors during data-entry.

Why use Pointerpro as your competency assessment tool?
Why use Pointerpro as your competency assessment tool?

Engaging email options

Deliver employee reviews directly to the right mailbox.


Multi-user management and collaboration

Smooth sailing guaranteed with functionalities such as user management and multiple administrators


Real-Time reporting

Send a personalized report with feedback on each respondent’s performance with our automated PDF generator.

Engaging email options
Deliver employee reviews directly to the right mailbox.
Multi-user management and collaboration
Smooth sailing guaranteed for big teams and projects!
Real-time reporting
Send a personalized feedback report for each respondent.

Competency assessment versus performance evaluation

These terms are commonly used interchangeably. Though both of these are measures that a company can use to know whether or not a person fits the job they are doing, they actually look at different areas in order to provide the results needed by the company.

Here are a number of differences:

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How to assess competency – and why it matters

Here are some specifics on why using an online assessment tool for competency assessments is a great idea for your business, and improves your existing HR processes:

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