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If you’re reading this, there’s a good chance you’re looking for an online survey solution that is not SurveyMonkey. Here’s how Pointerpro stands out:

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build all types of assessments
Difference in target audience

If you’re looking to create a questionnaire to generate and/or qualify leads, assess potential job candidates and employees, or measure the maturity of potential clients, you’ve come to the right place.

In many ways, SurveyMonkey paved the way for many other tools that came after, including Pointerpro. But right from the start, we’ve built our survey tool with a different target audience in mind. Pointerpro is a survey tool made for marketing teams, consulting, and HR professionals. Whereas SurveyMonkey is primarily built for market researchers.

Custom design and white labeling available in all plans

Let’s be honest, when creating an online survey, you want it to reflect your business, your values and your style. That’s why Pointerpro provides the possibility to remove all Pointerpro branding with all its paid plans instead of its most expensive ones.

SurveyMonkey’s design works well in a scientific environment – it’s clean, no-nonsense and minimalistic – but there’s little room for creativity. With Pointerpro, your options to design an engaging questionnaire are endless!

assessments with personalized reports
Return value to the respondent

At Pointerpro, we believe that the most important part of any questionnaire is what the respondent gets out of it.  We offer a wide range of featuresto help you create questionnaires where respondents feel like they are in conversation with you – learning more about themselves or your business. Use Outcomes and Formulas to create you own interactive questionnaire.

The focus on giving something back led to the creation of ReportR, which enables respondents to immediately download a personalized PDF report with insights into their answers. It’s the only software that combines questionnaire creation and highly personalized PDF generation in a single tool.

How we stack up​
PointerproSurvey Monkey
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We're open to custom requirements

Do you have any custom requests? we’re all ears! At Pointerpro, we are not afraid to take on custom development, as it brings new features to our tool and it opens up new ideas. Taking on your challenges has brought us to where we are today.

Where SurveyMonkey doesn’t do custom development or additional services unless you’re a Fortune 500 company, we go the extra mile for all our customers, big and small. Whether it’s creating a simple custom rating icon, designing your questionnaires and PDF reports for you, or building entirely new features, we’d love to hear from you.

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