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What if you could build a skills assessment tool to assess and advise anyone, accurately and objectively?

Skills assessments determine the strengths and weaknesses of individuals so you can hire and/or train accordingly.   

Pointerpro is the 2-in-1 software that combines assessment building with personalized PDF report generation.

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What is a skills assessment?

In the world of work, consulting, and coaching, skills assessments are the compass guiding individuals and organizations toward their goals. A skills assessment evaluates a person’s competencies, capabilities, and knowledge, aligning them with professional objectives. 

Whether you’re a professional seeking career growth, a consultant providing expert advice, or a coach helping clients reach their full potential, skills assessments are invaluable. They empower you to identify strengths, bridge gaps, and chart a path toward success, making them an indispensable tool in the pursuit of excellence.

In today’s fast-paced digital age, the convenience and effectiveness of online skills assessments cannot be overstated. With the right skills assessment template, you can streamline an employee development process by providing instant feedback and comprehensive performance analytics

3 reasons to use Pointerpro as a skills
assessment tool?

3 reasons to use Pointerpro as a skills
assessment tool?

Number 1

Interactive user experience

With the Questionnaire Builder you get to create an engaging assessment. How? With numerous design and layout options, useful widgets and countless question types.

Number 2

Refined, score-based analysis

Our custom scoring engine helps you quantify different skills in your assessment. The result? An objective and very nuanced assessment of your respondents’ situation.

Number 3

Automated feedback in PDF

Thanks to your setup in the Report Builder, respondents instantly get a detailed PDF report: with helpful charts, a personalized analysis of risks, and actionable tips.

Interactive user experience
Numerous design options, useful widgets, and countless question types.
Refined, score-based analysis
Custom scoring engine helps you quantify distinct domains of the skills assessment.
Automated feedback in PDF
For each respondent! With helpful charts, a detailed analysis, and actionable tips.

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How to write a skills assessment (no Excel template)?

Creating a real skills assessment involves a thoughtful and structured approach to evaluate an individual’s or a group’s competencies and knowledge in a specific area. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to create a skills assessment template:

After you’ve followed these steps, you have your minimum viable skills assessment template that you can start to develop in a tool like Pointerpro. Consider the development of your skills assessment as an ongoing process, as required skills and competencies evolve over time.

Skills assessment vs. competency assessment: What are the differences?

In the world of employment and talent development, two terms that often arise are “skills assessment” and “competency assessment.” While these concepts are closely related and share common objectives, they have distinct differences in their focus, scope, and application.

Let’s delve into what sets a skills assessment apart from a competency assessment, clarifying its purposes and implications.

Skills assessment template:

A skills assessment primarily evaluates an individual’s specific, tangible abilities and proficiencies in performing particular tasks or activities. It is centered on the practical application of knowledge and techniques. Skills assessments are highly specific and focus on the “how” aspect of performing tasks, leaving little room for interpretation or subjectivity.

Key characteristics of skills assessments:

Competency assessment template:

Competency assessments, on the other hand, have a broader focus, encompassing a range of attributes and characteristics that go beyond mere skills. Competencies encompass skills but also include knowledge, behaviors, and personal qualities. They assess an individual’s overall capability to perform effectively in a given role, often considering the “what” and “why” aspects of tasks.

Key characteristics of competency assessments:

Why it matters:

Understanding the difference between skills and competencies is crucial for various applications:

30 skills assessment example questions

Here are 30 of the best skills assessment example questions divided into 3 similar but distinct categories:

10 employee skills assessment example questions

These skills assessment template questions encourage employees to reflect on their performance, achievements, challenges, and areas for growth, fostering self-awareness and facilitating discussions with their managers about how to enhance their performance in the future.

10 soft skills assessment example questions

These skills assessment template questions are designed to assess a range of soft skills, including communication, teamwork, problem-solving, adaptability, conflict resolution, leadership, time management, customer service, stress management, and critical thinking. Adjust them as needed to suit the specific soft skills you want to evaluate in a soft-skill focused employee skills assessment.

10 thinking skills example questions for management positions

These concise employee skills assessment template questions are designed to gather multiple-choice responses from people applying for managerial positions, allowing for a quick and quantifiable evaluation. 

The questions cover important aspects of team management, including performance, delegation, conflict resolution, team culture, skill development, goal achievement, feedback, leadership development, adaptability, and future plans. The goal is to assess a team manager’s practices and identify areas for improvement.

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What is a skills matrix and why is it important?

A skills matrix, also known as a skills inventory or competency matrix, is a skills assessment template in the form of a structured overview, used to assess and document the skills, competencies, and knowledge of individuals within an organization. 

It is typically presented in a matrix format where employees or team members are listed on one axis, and the skills or competencies required for their roles are listed on the other. Each cell in the matrix indicates the level of proficiency or mastery an individual possesses for a specific skill or competency.

The importance of a skills matrix lies in several key areas:

In summary, a skills matrix is a valuable management tool that provides a comprehensive overview of the skills and competencies within an organization. It plays a crucial role in resource management, performance evaluation, and strategic planning, helping organizations and employees make more informed decisions and achieve their goals efficiently.

An online skills assessment is essential to retrieve the data to set up a comprehensive skills matrix for any organization.


Skills assessment and more precisely “employee skills assessments” help employers hire candidates more effectively with the right skill sets required for the job. But also beyond the context of hiring and recruitment, the skills assessment template is an essential starting tool for anyone managing talent or skills in an organization.

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