Peer Assessment

The peer assessment or peer appraisal provides feedback on an individual from team members. This is helpful to gain insight into each employee’s strengths and weaknesses.

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What is a Peer Assessment?

How is your team performing and collaborating? As a manager, you probably have a good idea of the answer to this as a general question – especially if you use a team assessment. However, how is each individual on your performing? What are they like when you – as a manager – aren’t around?

Peer assessments help managers – and employees – understand each individual teammate. They provide insight into their performance, collaboration skills, and general attitude toward the job. These assessments also highlight each teammates strengths and weaknesses.

One example of a peer assessment is the 360 assessment, where teammates receive feedback from their managers as well as peers. This assessment paints a holistic picture of each employee, which is helpful for both managers and the individual being assessed.

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Personalized Reports with ReportR

It’s not enough to just fill out an assessment on another employee. You want them to truly understand where they excel as well as where they need to improve. This information can come in the form of a comprehensive PDF report, with helpful analysis for all parties.

StrengthsFinder Quiz Assessment Components
Delightful Design & Assessment Components

We know it’s hard to ask your employees to fill out multiple peer review assessments – they’re busy! But by using Pointerpro’s design features and quirky quiz capabilities, you can keep your audience engaged to the end of your questionnaire. Then back to work!

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White Label Option

We believe personalization is important. This is about your business and team, so make the quiz your own with Pointerpro’s White Label option, which removes our branding on your quizzes.

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Average Score per Team

Add a score to each potential answer. Let our assessment software calculate a total score for each respondent as well as benchmarks or averages per team, department or entire company. See the big picture with your business.

Peer Assessment Questions

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Tips to create a great Peer Assessment

  1. Vary your types of questions with multiple choice, scales and open-ended questions. Your employees have so much to do, so you need to keep them engaged to gather helpful feedback.
  2. Keep them anonymous. This secures the team’s trust, so you get honest feedback without fear of repercussions. 
  3. Make sure it’s clear to your team that you want constructive feedback, this isn’t an opportunity to simply trash their teammates. 

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