Build Big Five personality tests & auto-personalize advice

Big Five personality tests are a tried-and-true recipe.
Now you get to spice it up:

With automated PDF reports that contain personalized feedback for each and every respondent. 

Used by 1.500+ coaches and companies worldwide: for lead gen, consulting and HR

Refine your Big Five personality test approach with Pointerpro’s unique features.


Comprehensive analysis

Deeply understand where respondents are on the spectrum of five dimensions and use benchmark data to match up respondents with guidelines.


Nuanced feedback

With custom score calculations, you create limitless outcomes to make your feedback during and after the assessment ultra-personalized.


Clear PDF reports

With the Report Builder, you summarize and visualize recommendations. It’s your golden ticket to deliver value faster than anyone else.

Here’s what Pointerpro users have to say:

Start building your Big Five personality test approach with Pointerpro’s unique features.


Big Five personality tests that advise immediately

Once you’ve set up your assessment score calculations and PDF report template, Pointerpro generates personalized feedback reports for each and every respondent, right after completion (or with a delay if that’s what you prefer).

Your know-how, your design, your brand

The know-how that ensues from your Big Five assessments and reports makes your service fruitful and memorable. The custom and branded designs of your auto-generated PDF reports make it unforgettable.

All in one solution

One tool to manage it all

Typically, a complex and expensive chain of IT tools is required to get from data collection to analysis and reporting. Not with Pointerpro. That said, it’s easy to transfer any data to other apps via Zapier.

How to make a Big Five assessment with automated, personalized advice:

Start by understanding these five-factor model (FMM) personality traits

1. Openness

How curious is the person about new experiences and ideas?

Traits: Imaginative, intellectual, curious, adventurous, daring.

2. Conscientiousness

How socially acceptable does the behavior of the person tend to be?

Traits: Organized, persistent, controlled, self-disciplined, structural.

3. Extraversion

How socially comfortable and how spontaneous is the person?  

Traits: Talkative, spontaneous, socially confident, communicative, vivid.

4. Agreeableness

How well and respectfully does the person get along with others?

Traits: Kind, sympathetic, trusting, unselfish, cheerful.

5. Neuroticism

How emotionally stable is the person in situations?

Traits: Unconfident, sensitive, worried, self-critical, unstable.

How it works:
How to determine the Big Five traits with Pointerpro:


You set up your questionnaire with various question types, once.



You apply the assessment logic with custom scoring, once.



You create a branded report template with variable outcomes, once.

You set up your questionnaire, once.
You apply your evaluation logic, once.
You create a report template, once.

Curious to see a Big Five personality test example? Give it a go!

Why build a Big Five personality test? Who benefits?

A Big Five personality test is a great tool for a career coach or consultant to (pre-)determine potential career paths for respondents. With actionable feedback, a person can steer towards professions and company cultures that align with their core personality traits and core talents. Everybody benefits:

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