Survey Templates

Pick a suitable survey template from this extensive list below. Try them out and sign up to discover just how easy you can customize any template and create your own design. It’s easy to add your own background images, logos, and text styles.

These content templates contain the questions and answers for specific used cases. The design can be changed to your wishes afterwards.

offline survey tool

Get your own survey template ready in just a few clicks

To customize this template after signing up, choose ‘survey template’ as example when creating a new survey.

Free survey templates with all the
features for every case

survey participation

Powerful hosting service along with flexible software means creating a survey for 1, 000 is as easy as creating one for 10.

survey branding

Surveys with a customized layout that fit into your site like a glove will get you higher response rates. You can even remove any mention of Pointerpro with our white label solution.

core values quiz assessment components
Variable End Messages

Create highly personalized quizzes by showing end screens based on your lead’s responses

offline quizzes
Offline Mode

Collect your results offline and upload survey data automatically when your mobile device is connected again with our offline functionality.

Example of a Survey Template

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