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How do you conduct a training survey?

Training surveys play a pivotal role in understanding the effectiveness of developmental programs. They ensure that participants derive maximum value from their learning experiences. From pre-training assessments to post-training evaluations: It’s all about elevating the impact of your HR training programs. 

Here are some key tips, when building further, whether it’s a survey template for training feedback, or for input on training needs:

3 reasons to use Pointerpro as a training survey tool

3 reasons to use Pointerpro as a training survey tool

Number 1

Interactive user experience

With the Questionnaire Builder, you get to create an engaging feedback form. How? With numerous design and layout options, useful widgets, and countless question types.

Number 2

Refined, score-based analysis

Our custom scoring engine helps you quantify and categorize diverse answers. The result? An objective and nuanced assessment of your respondents’ survey feedback.

Number 3

Automated feedback in PDF

Thanks to your setup in the Report Builder, respondents instantly get a detailed PDF report: with personalized responses, useful information, and your brand design.

Interactive user experience
Numerous design options, useful widgets, and countless question types.
Refined, score-based analysis
The custom scoring engine helps you quantify and categorize answers and respondents.
Automated feedback in PDF
For each respondent! With personalized responses, useful information, and your brand design.

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Note: 5 tips to follow up post-training for feedback

Following up post-training is crucial to gather feedback that can contribute to ongoing improvements. But from Pointerpro clients’ experience, a great survey template for training feedback isn’t the entire story. There are a few important guidelines to ensure effectiveness:

Last but not least, whether you’re working on a training needs assessment or a post-training survey, consider giving your respondents individual feedback in a useful PDF report. If taking your training survey can help your individual respondents learn something about themselves, they’re much more likely to engage with future training. 

In the video below, resilience coach Steve Howe from ResilienceBuilder® explains how identifying the key drivers on an individual level gets you to provide more targeted training.

The most effective types of training survey template questions

Crafting effective survey questions is essential to gather meaningful insights from training participants. Here are the types of training survey template questions that have proven to be most effective:

What’s the optimal rating scale for training survey questions?

A frequent dilemma when working with scales is the choice between a 5-point or a 4-point rating scale. What should you go for? It depends on the level of granularity you desire in the feedback and the specific nuances you want to capture. Here are the advantages and disadvantages of both options:

5-point rating scale:



4-point rating scale:



Consider the purpose of your training survey template. If you need detailed insights and are exploring a variety of aspects, a 5-point scale may be more suitable. Also, consider the familiarity and comfort level of your participants with survey scales. If they are accustomed to 5-point scales and appreciate the granularity, it might be beneficial to stick with that format.

If you’re in doubt, you might consider pilot testing both options with a small group to gauge which scale format elicits more meaningful and accurate responses.

50 training survey example questions

Here are 50 training survey example questions divided into 50 categories:

10 post-training survey example questions

These post-training survey template questions comprise a mix of Likert scale questions to quantify satisfaction, alignment, clarity, and confidence levels. Additionally, open-ended questions are included to gather qualitative insights on beneficial aspects, expectations, and suggestions for improvement. 

This balanced approach aims to capture both quantitative data for statistical analysis and qualitative feedback for a comprehensive understanding of participants’ training experiences.

10 customer service post-training example questions

These customer service post-training survey template questions aim to comprehensively assess participants’ experiences and perceptions of the training program. The questions cover various dimensions, including overall satisfaction, perceived effectiveness in handling customer inquiries, clarity of training materials, confidence in applying learned skills, and identification of valuable training aspects. 

The inclusion of both quantitative and qualitative elements ensures a well-rounded understanding of participants’ satisfaction, skills acquisition, and specific areas for improvement in the customer service training. This approach allows organizations to gather actionable insights for refining and enhancing future customer service training initiatives.

10 diversity and inclusion training survey example questions

These training survey template questions aim to gauge the impact of diversity and inclusion training on participants’ attitudes, awareness, and confidence in promoting inclusivity. The mix of specific and open-ended questions allows for a comprehensive understanding of the training’s effectiveness and areas for improvement.

10 conflict resolution training survey example questions

These training survey template questions focus on assessing the impact of conflict resolution training on participants’ skills, confidence, and understanding of effective conflict resolution strategies. The combination of practical scenarios and theoretical concepts ensures a holistic evaluation of the training program.

What Pointerpro clients are saying

3 out-of-the-box training evaluation surveys to consider

We’ll leave you with some inspiration for developing training evaluation survey templates that other organizations may not have thought of yet. If developed thoughtfully, these could really make a difference for your learning & development program:

By incorporating these less common but valuable training survey templates, organizations can gain a more comprehensive understanding of the training’s impact, long-term effectiveness, and the collaborative aspects that contribute to a sustained learning culture.

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