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A dynamic survey changes based on the answers provided while taking the survey. This can be anything from showing a follow-up question based on a specific answer to a earlier question, to including information that you already know in the survey.

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Key dynamic features

Ideal for all types of calculations

A dynamic survey with custom scoring lets you assign points to some or all of your question choices, and those points add up to the survey’s total score. Scored surveys can be used for tests, quizzes, assessments, and almost any other type of online survey where you want to measure your respondents’ performance, knowledge, or overall satisfaction level.

As a respondent progresses through the survey, his score is measured in total or per question block. Immediately upon completion, you can show the respondent his score, show him a message that’s conditionally based on that score, keep the score private, or send an email based on that score to the respondent or someone else.

Personality Quiz Outcome Example

Show multiple outcomes at once

The outcomes feature lets you make dynamic surveys that end with advice based on the respondent’s answers. Outcomes are a feature that shows respondents a final screen based on their answers to all questions or shows a screen based on criteria that you have specified. This allows you to give personalized feedback and give the respondent something of value immediately upon completion.

You can also use a website redirect instead of a final screen, based on the score or answers of the respondent you can redirect them to a different page.


For even more complex scoring and calculation, we offer Formulas. You can use the /*-+() as well as more advanced math functions to create formulas using variables such as answers or quiz scores to calculate an average, medians, percentages, but also aggregated data based on previously collected data to create department or company reports.

We also offer Serverside variables or Benchmark variables. This lets you make calculations with data from the previous responses, e.g: to calculate averages. You can use this to show data for all responses, per department, or for an entire company/industry.

self assess final screen report

Provide personalized feedback

If you want to take it one step further and an email or outcome screen isn’t enough, you can use our reports generator. With our reports generator, you can build reports with flexible content based on each respondent’s answers. Alternate between solid and variable text, images, and a wide range of charts and graphs.

Pointerpro is the only software around where you can create dynamic surveys that also generate personalized reports per respondent. No coding, no hassle.

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Why should your survey be dynamic?

Dynamic surveys are a powerful way to interactively ask for feedback from your respondents. It makes your surveys talk to the respondents and get meaningful information.

Let’s explore some benefits of dynamic surveys:

Whether you want to use your survey as a data collection tool, as a brand awareness survey, or as part of your lead generation. Pointerpro allows you to take each individual respondent’s experience into account and guarantees more and better feedback. Because dynamic surveys are a two-way process with personalized end-messages, follow-up email templates, or even a fully branded, personalized PDF report based on each respondent’s answers.

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