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Spent $ 20,000 on your website and still lacking leads?

Online contact forms don’t work

No matter how short and to the point a form on your website is, potential leads are not triggered to leave their data. This static kind of content doesn’t answer the “what’s in it for me?”-question.

Sales reps lose crucial time qualifying a lead

The time it takes for the sales rep to get in touch after a first inquiry is crucial. So is giving accurate and effective information to your prospects from that very first moment. The challenge is to not lose momentum and keep the prospect’s attention by providing value from the get-go.

You want to be personal from the first moment, but you can’t

Contact forms capture the prospect’s needs with a couple of checkboxes or an open question. A static form, however, lacks a personal approach with appropriate feedback and useful information, that you’d get from a live conversation with a sales rep.

Mismatching reps and prospects result in lost sales

Interpreting the input of forms causes unfortunate time delays. It’s even worse if you need to assign the right account manager responsible for a specific range of products to the prospect. Time is money and, in this case, it leads to a loss of sales opportunities.

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Get more leads through a personalized approach

As if the sales rep was sitting in front of the prospect, engage him, online, through a set of questions that catches his preferences and interests. Give to-the-point insights and info that brings him closer to the appropriate product or service he’s looking for. Personal AND highly efficient.

Engaging content that gets higher response rates

Playful, interactive content that people love to engage with, automatically results in higher response rates and better quality of leads.

Instant value for your online lead

Automatic emails, a PDF download or a page with extra information, based on given answers will provide online leads with a highly dedicated approach. Keep up the momentum between the first contact and a sales rep reaching out.

Boost sales efficiency through automation, without losing your personal touch

Push new data in real-time to your CRM system. Win even more time by adding logic to your questionnaire that automatically directs an online lead to the appropriate sales team.

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