Case Studies

See how other companies use Pointerpro to automate their expertise

Written by Jeroen De Rore on 03/04/23
How Pointerpro helped a major FMCG player restore market to pre-COVID levels and achieve 19% YoY growth [case study]
Written by Jeroen De Rore on 31/03/23
Stretch Innovation gets traditional industry companies to grow online with Pointerpro [case study]
Written by Stefan Debois on 29/11/22
CEO chat: 7 tips to fast-track your lead generation funnel
Written by Koen Coonen on 18/08/22
How Brian Glibkowski, PhD uses Pointerpro to create Answer Intelligence (or AQ): an interview [case study]
Written by Mark Penson on 29/08/21
Finding a job you love with a competency assessment [case study]
Written by Iris De Geest on 10/05/21
6 Steps to becoming a thought leader using a maturity assessment [case study]