From Survey Anyplace to Pointerpro: Or how change ensures growth

After months of careful planning and preparation, today is the day we finally shift from Survey Anyplace to Pointerpro. A transition we didn’t take lightly but one that was due in order to keep on growing and evolving as an organization. With this constant evolution, we are aspiring to create an even more intuitive and efficient platform, whilst adhering to  a more human centered approach.

Over the past 10 years we’ve been growing steadily to where we are today, a global organization with an ever-growing team and international clientele, including organizations such as Deloitte, Capgemini, AstraZeneca, Bain & Company, Ethos Energy and Tata Consulting Services.

Pointerpro team

Today, we are ready for our new chapter. Survey Anyplace has served us beautifully well but the name just didn’t cover all grounds anymore. More than focusing solely on surveys, our customers are using our tools to draw up assessments and personalized advice reports, pointing respondents in the right direction. To highlight this transition, we decided to rebrand and change our name to Pointerpro.

Moreover, we’ll be implementing a revised approach towards marketing, stepping away from high dependency on Google and shifting focus to thought leadership and helpful content. Ideally, people already know us before they need us.

This new chapter is more than just a simple rebranding. Even though the platforms and plans remain unchanged, we are working on making all tools even more intuitive and user friendly than they are today. Our goal is to become the platform of choice for professional service providers to automate their expertise and scale their business.

This is just the beginning! Stay tuned for more Pointerpro news.

About the author:
Stefan Debois

Stefan Debois

As the CEO of Pointerpro, Stefan focuses on how to get the best results from the tool - preferably backed with real-life data.

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