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Simply put, assessments are evaluations. They play a valuable role in improving outcomes, but creating one from scratch is overwhelming. But when you start with one of these templates, you can easily create a customized assessment.

Pick one that suits your needs from the list below, sign up and discover just how easy you can customize any template. It’s easy to add your own background images, logos, and text styles.

These content templates contain the questions and answers for specific used cases, but are fully customizable!

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Creating an assessment was never easier with our easy, fun and user-friendly assessment templates

Free assessment templates with all the features for every case

Our assessment builder allows you to fully customize an assessment depending on the information you’re looking to gather, and the format used to gather that data. Some users choose an open-ended question format, while others use checklists to gain specific insights.

Survey feedback
Faster Feedback

Quickly analyze responses and move on to the next step to enjoy instant results

Assessment skip logic
Skip Logic

Keep the assessment short by only showing relevant questions for each respondent.

offline quizzes
Offline Capabilities

Let people take survey on-, offline and on any device they want with our offline functionality.

survey branding

Assessments with a customized layout are more personal and get you higher response rates. You can even remove any mention of Pointerpro with our white label solution.

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