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What if you could build engaging surveys with optimal response rates by providing personalized feedback to respondents?

Based on a scored survey you get to take effective and well-informed actions.

Pointerpro is the 2-in-1 software that combines assessment building with personalized PDF report generation.

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How to create a survey (template) with a high response rate?

Creating a high-response-rate online survey involves several best practices. In a nutshell, the key is to respect the respondent’s time and make the survey experience as pleasant as possible. If on top of that, you are able to offer some kind of incentive for the respondent to complete the survey, you’ll see a boost in the response rate for sure.

Here’s a list of 10 specific guidelines that always prove helpful:

3 reasons to use Pointerpro as an online survey tool

3 reasons to use Pointerpro as an online survey tool

Number 1

Interactive user experience

With the Questionnaire Builder, you get to create an engaging survey. How? With numerous design and layout options, useful widgets and countless question types.

Number 2

Refined, score-based analysis

Our custom scoring engine helps you quantify and categorize diverse answers. The result? An objective and nuanced assessment of your respondents’ answers.

Number 3

Automated feedback in PDF

Thanks to your setup in the Report Builder, respondents instantly get a detailed PDF report: with helpful charts, a personalized survey recap analysis, and actionable tips.

Interactive user experience
Numerous design options, useful widgets, and countless question types.
Refined, score-based analysis
The custom scoring engine helps you quantify and categorize answers and respondents.
Automated feedback in PDF
For each respondent! With helpful charts, a detailed analysis, and actionable tips.

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8 tips on how to make an effective survey report for stakeholders

Creating an effective survey report involves careful planning, analysis, and presentation. The approach differs slightly depending on whether the report is for stakeholders or for individual respondents. Let’s start with the survey report stakeholders:

7 tips on how to make an effective survey report for respondents

Now let’s dive a little deeper into some tips for the survey report that individual respondents will get from you:

Remember, the goal of any survey report is not just to present data, but rather to tell a story with that data, driving towards meaningful conclusions and actions. Clarity and conciseness along with visual appeal are absolutely key to this. Lastly, actively search for feedback about your reports and improve it where possible.

30 survey template example questions

Here are 30 survey example questions divided into 3 categories:

10 customer service survey example questions

The survey template questions start by measuring the customer’s overall satisfaction and their perception of the quality of service received. This is essential for understanding the immediate impact of the service on the customer. Other questions, like the ones regarding the speed and accessibility of the service provide insights into the efficiency and convenience of the customer service process, which are crucial factors for customer satisfaction.

Note that the survey includes a question about the likelihood of the customer recommending the service to others, which is a key indicator of customer loyalty and satisfaction. This metric, often referred to as the Net Promoter Score (NPS), is widely used to gauge the customer’s overall experience and their willingness to advocate for the brand. The inclusion of an open-ended question allows customers to express their thoughts freely. This provides an opportunity for customers to offer detailed feedback, suggestions for improvement, and any other comments that might not be covered by the structured questions. Such open-ended feedback can be a rich source of insights for specific areas of improvement and innovation.

10 customer satisfaction survey example questions

Though similar and related to a customer service survey, a customer satisfaction survey takes a somewhat broader view, gauging the customer’s overall contentment with their experience of a product or service. This type of survey encompasses various factors including product quality, value for money, brand perception, and customer service, offering a more comprehensive view of the customer’s experience and satisfaction with the company as a whole. Here are some relevant customer satisfaction template questions:

These customer satisfaction survey template questions comprehensively capture the customer’s overall experience with the product or service. They focus on key indicators of customer loyalty. The questions also seek to understand the customer’s general perception of the brand and their specific satisfaction with various aspects of the product/service. Open-ended questions are included for more detailed feedback, allowing customers to highlight specific satisfaction areas and suggest improvements.

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Common types of customer satisfaction surveys

Understanding common types of customer satisfaction surveys is useful for businesses because these surveys provide valuable insights into customer perceptions, experiences, and expectations. By customizing your own customer satisfaction survey template your can effectively leverage customer satisfaction frameworks like the Net Promoter Score (NPS), Customer Satisfaction Score (CSAT), Customer Effort Score (CES), and Product-Market Fit (PMF). Here’s a brief introduction of each:

12 common online survey templates

Not looking for a customer service or satisfaction survey template? Here’s a list of other survey types you can easily build to your specific needs with Pointerpro:

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