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Leads are what drive sales. And sales are what drives a business. Finding leads can be a time consuming, boring task. Luckily, not all leads are collected through cold calls, flyers or email spamming. Engaging surveys can be a very effective way to collect actionable leads! Use a lead generation survey to:

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Why use Pointerpro as lead
generation tool?​
Why use Pointerpro as lead
generation tool?​

Illustrious incentive widgets

Take incentivizing to another level with a digital Scratch Card or Slot Machine. Your golden ticket to getting leads, higher response rates, and a memorable experience for your respondents.


Delightful design features

Your brand as the centerpiece of your questionnaires. Think “bells and whistles”, now add a ton of glitter! Automagic Color Selection, responsive design and loads of templates will make you a gorgeous survey in a matter of seconds.


Engaging email options

Deliver Lead Generation Surveys directly into the right mailbox. Share your Lead Generation Surveys with Email Invitations, stay in touch through Variable Confirmation Emails and keep your communication in order with Respondent Grouping.

Illustrious widgets
Take incentivizing to another level with a digital scratch card.
Design features
Your brand as the centerpiece of your questionnaires.
Email options
Deliver surveys directly into the right mailbox.

The importance of lead generation

These days, generating leads has been greatly simplified by social media channels and the online world as a whole. The most common form of lead generation you’ll see nowadays is a company offering an Ebook, a Webinar or a chance to win some sort of prize in exchange for your email and contact information. Twenty years ago this was still a picture of cold calls, flyers and Email blasting. The modern day approach of lead generation is much more efficient in the way that the collected contacts already showed an interest in your products or services by giving you their contact details for your content. As a direct result of this, that traffic will convert at much higher rates. This makes it not only a well performing but also a cost-effective solution for generating more sales in the long run.

Lead generation survey format

As can be seen in the example above, the lead generation survey is advised to contain the following elements:

It is important that the contact information is collected efficiently and that even the smallest child can navigate through your survey. A confusing or cringy design will cause many people to abort halfway through. That’s why we made all our survey templates and software mobile-optimized and adapted.Lead generation through paper forms, pdf or word documents is also possible but has the disadvantage that the data still needs to be transferred to a central system as a separate action, which is error-prone and not real-time. Not to mention much more time-consuming for the end-user. Learn more about how we can help with online lead generation.

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