How Boot Camp Digital uses a quiz funnel to generate online leads [case study]

A lot of companies struggle with generating enough online leads to keep their sales funnel flowing. Five years ago, you could launch an info product (e-book, download, webinar,…) and those would perform quite okay.

Nowadays the market is flooded with them and it’s becoming a lot harder to convince people.

So Krista Neher, CEO of Boot Camp Digital, started looking for new ways to both standout and differentiate.

That’s when she came up with the idea to use a quiz funnel: By asking questions that measure someone’s digital IQ, she could create offers tailored to each participant’s level of knowledge, which not only made the quiz highly relevant for the participants but also boosted conversion for Krista.

What is Boot Camp Digital?


Krista: Boot Camp Digital is an agency specialized in social media and digital marketing training. Our customers consist mainly out of marketers, and they offer corporate training programmes, certifications, online and live class training.

The training programs differ from the competition as they are very practical and action-oriented. Many training programs will talk about how things work and give you some ideas. But they won’t exactly tell you what it takes to get results.

Boot Camp Digital does.

And by using templates, checklists and a whole list of other things we help businesses get on track to get results.

What also differentiates us is that we don’t focus on “quick hacks or tricks” as those don’t tend to produce results in the long term.”

Why did you use Pointerpro? And how do we fit into your marketing strategy?

Krista: “Initially, if I think a back five years ago, we had a lot of info products. They perform okay, but now the market is very saturated with those types of things. Whether it’s a webinar ebook or report, it’s a lot harder to stand out these days. 

We still offer info products, but what we really wanted is an online lead generation approach that was:

  1. A little bit more directly linked to what we do
  2. That would differentiate us a little bit.

And so we created the digital IQ test. Because essentially, your digital IQ is very directly linked to your appetite for training.

What we found interesting, especially with corporate clients, is that many people tend to overestimate their knowledge in digital marketing. In general, you have 2 types of people, those we say “I know absolutely nothing”, but that’s a small group at the moment. And then you have a lot of people who say: “Oh I understand everything.”

But as the saying goes “the less you know, the more you think you know”.

The nice thing about our digital IQ test is that it helps people see both the areas that they know and those they don’t know. This helps them to get a better understanding of their skillset and we can use that to encourage them to join our training programmes.

Another decision we made was to purposely make leaving an email optional. Personally, I find it annoying and even though it might reduce the number of leads we ultimately get, those probably didn’t want to hear from us anyway. Though it is optional, we still get a number of people who give it to us, motivated by the incentive that we give them: a discount coupon for our training courses as well as a report of their results. And we’ve actually have seen these people convert into customers later on.”

Do you use the results of the IQ quiz to promote different pieces of training?

Krista: “Yes, exactly, we use Infusionsoft for our background and we use Zapier integration to carry over the data. We currently use two campaigns, we have a high score and a low score and we’ll funnel them into different products based on their knowledge level.

If someone knows a lot about digital marketing, we’ll push them to join our advanced community that keeps them up to date and their skills fresh.

We encourage people with a lower score to do certification or acquire an all-access pass where they can really learn everything they need to know to get more confidence and better results”

How do you promote these quizzes? Do you use paid advertising or do you try to promote them organically?

Krista: “We promote them organically and do a little bit of paid advertising on Facebook. We have a substantial following on our social networks, so there’s no immediate need for paid advertising.

We have explored with it but it becomes very expensive, very quickly. Because we don’t require an email address, we look at our cost per click and then we convert that to our cost per conversion. It becomes a very expensive way to obtain email addresses. Because at the end of the day a lot of people prefer not to share their email address. So the ROI isn’t there.

But with the pure organic strategy, we are attracting and converting people into customers, which is the most important part.”

Can you share some of the results?

Krista: “In terms of what we see as results, we see a 10 to 20% conversion to email addresses. We request the email towards the end with a discount offer on products as well as an option to receive their results per email. 

It helps to ask for their email at the end. People are already invested and it’s not mandatory so we don’t turn people off who are not ready to convert yet.

The conversion to email addresses is okay. In terms of conversion rate to customers, I don’t have a specific percentage that I can share. We haven’t looked at it that way, but every month we have customers come in on that coupon code. So we can see that is directly and specifically converting them.”

Do you share average scores to attract new traffic to the quiz?

Krista: “No, not yet, some of the things I consider doing, is benchmarking it, like “here’s how you could be doing”. 

Another way is to break the score down in categories, so people know how they scored on SEO vs Social Media vs Online Advertising. That would make it more interesting and valuable.

Something we found interesting is that the conversion on the long IQ test is much better than the conversion on the short test.

Which makes sense, it takes 30 min to do the longer IQ test, so someone who is willing to take the time and effort to go through the entire test is more likely to give their email address as they are more committed.  Another thing we could try is to push the long one and really emphasize the benefit you get of the broken down results a little bit more.”

What was the experience with the Pointerpro tool? What did you like and dislike about it?

Krista: “We started using it as a survey tool and we liked the star ratings and emojis.

We started using it with our clients because we do a survey up front when we work with a new corporate client. We ask them questions to understand what people think and where their knowledge levels are at. And then we do post-training surveys. In those, the star and smiley ratings are a fun, engaging and fast way to get feedback from people.

Recently we implemented the IQ test with the different outcomes. There’s a lot of great functionality within Pointerpro to do these kinds of things.

But with more functionality comes more complexity.

It did take a fair amount of time to set up the test and add a Zapier integration with Infusionsoft. So we did have to make a sizeable time investment to get it all up and running.

But we struggled most to find a survey tool that had any of that functionality. Before we invested, we actually looked at other options to check if there was anything else with more automation build in.

But it’s very hard to find survey tools that can do this kind of stuff, so it’s the flexibility and functionality that we found in Pointerpro that allowed us to create something like this.”

Do you have any tips or lessons learned for other marketers who want to implement quizzes for lead generation?

Krista: “I think we could do more to promote it. What we, a lot of other marketers, struggle with is online lead generation. A lot of us have relied on info products over the last 5 years, but we’ve actually seen that our info products are not performing as well as they used to.

Our digital IQ test has been a nice way to create something a little bit more fun and interesting.

We had hoped that people would share their results on social media and get us some shared reach. So I think if we can focus a bit more on promotion, this would not only make it a more effective tool from a lead generation standpoint by giving people something new and interesting. But we could also reach people outside of our website and our existing funnel which would be a home run.

To me, the social sharing side is something we haven’t measured as much as we should. It would be interesting to see how that performs, but using this just as a new lead gen tool has been interesting. I also think it’s not an either/or story, we still have our info products to generate leads, but many people have been worn out and we’ve seen our results go down, so this digital IQ test is a nice way to re-engage people.”

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  1. I currently have two funnel builder platforms that I have not used yet. Still mastering successfully quizzes and questionnaires.
    1. One of the two platforms is where I do import my quiz or questionnaire and it is an important part of the funnel. There I will build by connecting together (using arrows) Emails-quotations videos-quizzes-informative page-sales page etc.
    2. The other funnel builder platform is an actual combination of video and quiz that lets the contact choose his answer directly on the video (which sequences) and logic branching then comes into action to offer the respondent either a result, a coupon, a report etc.

    Would be a nice thing if a funnel builder could be offered with the entreprise upgrade?

    Just can’t wait to try them out!


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