Wellness assessment software with personalized reports

What if the data you collect turned itself into custom reports, for you and every respondent?

Pointerpro is a 2-in-1 software that combines assessment building with report generation. It’s the tool to professionalize your service.

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Make (formerly Integromat)

How it works:
How it works:


You set up your questionnaire and questions, once.



You apply the assessment logic and scoring, once.



You create a report template with all the necesarry variables, once.

You set up your questionnaire, once.
You apply your evaluation logic, once.
You create a report template, once.

Advise while others still analyze

Stakeholders want less conversation and more action. Gain their trust from day 1 with actionable feedback.

Pointerpro generates reports immediately after respondent completion.

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Your expertise. Your product. Your brand.

With Pointerpro, you consolidate and retain all valuable know-how to generate top quality reports time after time – on autopilot.

And that deserves your company’s design and logo, don’t you think?

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One tool, no complexity

Typically, a complex and expensive chain of tools is required to get from data collection and analysis to personalized reporting. Not with Pointerpro.

That said, if you have an existing CRM you need to link up to, it’s an easy trick with tools like Zapier and Make.

easy as pie
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This software comes with service

The ReportR plan includes your personal trainer. This expert will onboard you and guide you, through the ins and outs of the tool.

Literally, your success is our success. Let’s get things done.

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Curious how it works?  Give it a go!

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Need us to build your product from A to Z?

Happy to do so! We can set up your assessment and personalized report builder. You only need to come up with what you want to ask, assess and advise. 

Ask about this option when you get your demo.