Team assessment

Team assessments allow employers and businesses to diagnose and understand issues within the team. These assessments offer an open forum where employees can feel safe sharing areas of improvement within the business.

Use a team assessment to:

What is a team assessment?

Team culture is an often overlooked but absolutely fundamental part of your business. If your team is not working together efficiently, then the business will not perform to its maximum potential.

Team assessments help business owners, managers and supervisors understand exactly how their teams are functioning. These assessments not only describe areas of tension or frustration, they also provide information about what is working right within the team. This information is helpful when onboarding new employees or creating a new team.

A business is only as good as its team, so make sure yours is solid.

Why use Pointerpro as a team assessment tool?
Why use Pointerpro as a team assessment tool?

Personalized reports

Generic analyses won’t cut it. Our automatic PDF generator allows you to send personalized content in the shape of a report to the respondent, based on the answers they provide as well as benchmark data or responses from other team member.

Automatic feedback
Receive feedback from your team immediately and use it to create an inclusive, cohesive culture. We are the only all-in-one tool available that offers you to build assessments with different automated PDF reports for individual team members and team leaders.

Average score per team

Add a score to each potential answer. Our team assessment software will calculate a total score for each respondent as well as benchmarks or averages per team, department or entire company.
Personalized reports
Send PDF reports to the respondents, based on their answers and provide benchmark data
Automatic feedback
Receive feedback from your team immediately and create an inclusive, cohesive culture
Average score per team
Calculate a total score for individuals and averages per team

What can you evaluate with a team assessment?

These assessments measure your team’s effectiveness, communication skills and ability to collaborate. They make sure your team has a thorough understanding of what is expected of them as well as the goals, mission and direction of the business. With Pointerpro’s ReportR plan, you can build both individual and team PDF reports with detailed information and analysis.

When to do a team assessment?

Here are some good times to do a team assessment:


To strengthen a team that is having problems
Every team faces differences in opinion or larger issues. While it’s inevitable, it’s a drain on productivity, creativity and the collaborative spirit you want to foster in your workplace. Team assessments empower employees to be honest with their feedback and helps employers diagnose the problems they are facing.

To get a new team started right
Congratulations – you’re growing! You’re most likely able to do this because of the success of your existing team. How can you extend this success to your new team members? Team assessments will help you understand exactly what is working well with your existing team, so you can use this knowledge to guide your new employees toward success.

Encouraging team growth

Your team is reaching goals and doing awesome work. However, there’s always room for improvement! Which goals would you and your team like to reach next? How can you empower them to elevate to the next level? Help guide them with feedback from a team assessment.

Remote team bonding
Each year, more and more workplaces are making the switch from brick and mortar to being remote. This trend means increased productivity, flexibility and autonomy. But it can also lead to a disconnect between team members. Use team assessments to see if this is happening with your team and as a way to brainstorm ways to make them feel more connected and engaged.

Before a major strategic shift or campaign towards a big goal
As businesses grow, those that thrive are ones that adapt and evolve. While this is necessary, it can be stressful to your team members. Team assessments can help make this transition smoother. Receive feedback from employees about how you can best support them during times of change.

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Team assessment
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