Readiness Assessment Tool

A readiness assessment measures the respondent’s readiness in one or more areas through a series of questions.

With Pointerpro, you provide the respondent with a readiness score, along with a personalized PDF report containing recommendations.

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Readiness assessments that generate personalized advice at scale

Immediate and Personalized Feedback​

With Pointerpro, you can immediately provide each respondent with a personalized report at the end of their readiness assessment. This can be feedback, a quote, or any other information you want to share based on their individual answers.

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Fully Branded and White Labeled Assessments​

Remove any reference to Pointerpro and add your own brand colors, fonts, and logos with our White label solution. You can brand the assessment URL, PDF reports, dashboards, and editor.

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One tool, no complexity

Typically, a complex and expensive chain of tools is required to get from data collection and analysis to personalized reporting. Not with Pointerpro.

That said, if you have an existing CRM you need to link up to, it’s an easy trick with tools like Zapier and Make.

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This software comes with service

The ReportR plan includes your personal trainer. This expert will onboard you and guide you, through the ins and outs of the tool.

Literally, your success is our success. Let’s get things done.

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Readiness Levels

A readiness level or score indicates the degree of readiness of the business in a specific area. The number of levels is dependent on the assessment: typically, there are between 3 and 10 levels that can be reached. 

For example:

For the respondent, it is important to strive to reach the next level.

Curious how it works?  Give it a go!

Frequently Asked

The number of responses we take into account equals the number of people that completed one of your questionnaires. Depending on your plan, you have access to a set number of responses per month. No worries, we store all the responses you collect, so if you exceed your monthly limit, you can always upgrade to a higher plan to view all your responses.

Absolutely. Pointerpro offers maximum flexibility: if you expect more than 20 responses in a month, you can start with a paid plan that suits your expected number of responses. Afterwards, you can simply downgrade to the free plan. You can upgrade again to a paying paid plan again at any time. We don’t delete any surveys or responses when you downgrade to the free plan.

Subscription plans are billed from the date you begin your subscription. Invoices are available and printable by accessing your account.

We can help with different kinds of services including survey design, special question types or widgets, tailor-made reports and integrations. For more information, send us an email:

Every first day of the month we reset the counters for your responses and emails.

No, by signing up to one of our licenses you automatically agree with our Terms and Conditions.

We accept Visa, MasterCard and American Express through our online payment system. For annual plans, we are able to send invoices based on a P.O. (Purchase Order) and we accept bank transfer payments. Please contact us and we’ll have this set up for you.

Yes, we have to add Value Added Tax (VAT) to all European Union clients without VAT number and all clients based in Belgium. Customers outside the EU are exempt from VAT.

Need us to build your product from A to Z?

Happy to do so! We can set up your assessment and personalized report builder. You only need to come up with what you want to ask, assess and advise. 

Ask about this option when you get your demo.