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Quote calculators enable potential customers to calculate the cost or savings of your offering. Putting a quote calculator on your product page gives customers more insight into the products or services that best fit their needs.

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Why use Pointerpro to create a quote calculator?
Why use Pointerpro to create a quote calculator?

Personalized feedback

The days of generic pricing and offers are over. Show what product or service serves their needs best and what they will be getting – or saving with customized outcomes. Use Pointerpro’s comprehensive PDF reports to provide potential customers with in-depth insights, custom pricing and detailed feature information based on their input.


White label option

Make it your own! You are trying to win over customers, so you want it to reflect your style, values, and personality. Give them an opportunity to learn what you’re all about and why that’s what they want. With our white label option, you can brand the calculator, use your own brand colors, logo, font, and even modify the URL.


Complex calculation options

Calculate scores, quotes and other items (such as prices, orders, savings …) and easily use these calculated results as a piping variable in your further communication with the potential customer. Whether it’s in a report, email or in-person contact.

Personalized feedback
Use comprehensive PDF reports to provide customers with in-depth insights.
White label
Your own brand colors, logo and font with our white label option.
Complex calculation options
Calculate scores and other items and easily use these as piping variables.

What is a quote calculator and how does it work?

Your potential customers know what they need. But if they are savvy, they’ll shop around online before making a decision. A quote calculator is your opportunity to reach out to these potential customers and guide them down your sales funnel.

Pricing plans are helpful, but they can feel generic and overwhelming, often riddled with features that leads don’t necessarily need or want to pay for. Nor do they want to feel like they are getting a cookie-cutter plan for their money. With a quote calculator, potential customers can input exactly the services or products they need to receive a specific price and customizable plan. Alternatively, they can also learn exactly how much they could save by choosing your product or service compared to their current product or service or the competition.

With unique features, such as formulasoutcomes and custom scoring, Pointerpro is perfectly equipped to create your quote calculator. Your customers are unique, with individual needs and desires, so use a quote calculator to give them the experience they deserve!

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