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Whatever your noble cause may be, this template will provide you with a great foundation to create a petition survey and gain support! This will help you:

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Why use Pointerpro as petitioning tool?
Why use Pointerpro as petitioning tool?

Engaging email options

Deliver petitions directly into the right mailbox. Share your masterpiece with Email Invitations.


Easy to share

Allow respondents to share the petition on Facebook and make your entire petition shareable via AddThis.


Delightful design features

Add a captivating background image and experiment with all sorts of different fonts and layouts to create the perfect petition.

Engaging email options
Deliver petitions into the right mailbox with Email Invitations.
Easy to share
Make your entire petition shareable via AddThis.
Delightful design
Experiment with styling elements and layouts to create the perfect petition.

How to make a winning petition

Here’s some advice and things you should pay attention to when setting up a winning petition.

This is the argument you present for why people should sign and why the target should act. Immediately say what needs changing and what the petition will do about it. Is there any addidional information they should know about? This is the place!

Be specific in what you ask for, a good goal is quantifiable, clear and concrete. There are often different solutions to the same problem, so evaluate carefully which one will be most effective and has the biggest chance of succeeding.

The target is who you are directing your petition to. Choosing the right target can make the difference between winning and losing. You want your target to be an individual, a real person. You do not want to direct your petition to the whole council, but rather a specific council member who has the power to sign or evoke a certain bill. When aiming at a large institution or someone too high up you will have a high chance of the petition being set aside and barely noticed.

Petition format

As can be seen in the above sample, the petition should at least include the following elements:

It is important that the data can be collect efficiently and that they are automatically transferred to a central system: Mobile devices such as a tablet or smartphone are ideally suited for this. Petitioning in public places with a clipboard is also possible but has the disadvantage that the data still needs to be uploaded to a computer and this is a tedious, error prone task.

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