Guided selling software to accelerate your sales

With a Pointerpro assessment, you capture prospects’ essential needs. It automatically matches them up with your best-fit product or service, in a convincing and personalized report.

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One automated solution to boost your entire sales cycle

Number 1
Reach more prospects

Feature assessments on your website and distribute them in e-mail campaigns.

Number 2

Identify needs and solutions

Set up logic and scoring for instant and ultra-accurate analysis.

Number 3

Convince with relevant feedback

Show a service or product fit in a report with personalized arguments.

Close and repeat

Use your guided selling assessment and data to up- and cross-sell solutions.

One tool, no complexity

Typically, a complex and expensive chain of tools is required to get from data collection and analysis to personalized reporting. Not with Pointerpro.

That said, if you have an existing CRM you need to link up to, it’s an easy trick with tools like Zapier and Make.

All in one solution
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Instant brand loyalty.

No better way to establish relationships with clients than to walk the walk with them from day 1. 

The personalized report is your golden ticket. Flaunting your knowledge makes you desirable. Your fully branded design makes you unforgettable.

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Who uses Pointerpro?

Our assessment software is popular among sales and marketing departments, marketing agencies, consulting firms, and many other professional service providers.

Professionalize your business with Pointerpro.
Professionalize your business with Pointerpro.

Digitize your business
by selling online


Improve your operations
with the same payroll


Get more revenue
and get it faster

Digitize your business by selling online
Improve your operations with the same payroll
Get more revenue and get it faster

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Frequently asked questions about guided selling

What is guided selling?

Guided selling is a sales technique. The salesperson (or system) provides personalized recommendations to a potential customer throughout the buying process. 

The result? Informed purchasing decisions, tailored to the customer’s needs and preferences.

What is guided selling
How to do guided selling?​

How to do guided selling?

You need to do an assessment of the customer’s needs. That means you need to ask questions and attach relevant conclusions to potential answers. 

These can be suggestions of products or services that meet the customer’s budget and requirements, but also other information and advice, valuable for him or her. Check out more tips here.

When to apply guided selling?

A guided selling assessment is especially effective for products or services that are expensive or involve a high degree of customization or complexity. From kitchen design to international postal delivery service needs.

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Is guided selling software the same as a product configurator?

No. A product configurator simply adapts the price for each configuration the buyer applies. E.g. An additional option, like leather seats, for a car.

Guided selling software helps you understand preferences and pain points to automatically provide a well-founded recommendation. 

3 advantages:

  • A better and faster service or product fit 
  • A higher chance of up- and cross-selling
  • A stronger relationship with the customer
Asendia guided selling screenshot

Need us to build your product from A to Z?

Happy to do so! We can set up your assessment and personalized report builder. You only need to come up with what you want to ask, assess and advise. 

Ask about this option when you get your demo.