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Employee review evaluation is important for both employee and organizational development. Not only is it a way to communicate individual performance with management and find out if the employee is a good fit for the company, but it is also a way for the employee to determine if they chose the right career path. This template will help you:

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Why use Pointerpro as an employee review tool?
Why use Pointerpro as an employee review tool?

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Deliver employee reviews directly into the right mailbox. Share your employee reviews with Email Invitations, stay in touch through Variable Confirmation Emails and keep your communication in order with Respondent Grouping.


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Take your reporting to the next level with all possible Data Filters you could ever need, Share Reports publicly or privately, set up Real-time Presentations and effortlessly export to CSV, Excel or PDF.

Engaging email options
Stay in touch with features like Variable Confirmation Emails.
White label option
Remove any mention of Pointerpro and apply your own brand identity.
Real-time reporting
Gain insights with Data Filters and effortlessly share, present and export your data.

Employee review format

As can be seen in the above sample, the employee review should at least include the following information:

It is important that the review feedback can be collected efficiently and it is automatically transferred to a central database where it can be analyzed by management: Mobile devices such as a tablet or smartphone are ideally suited for this task. Employee reviews through paper forms, pdf or word documents is also possible but has the disadvantage that the data still needs to be manually collected, read and evaluated which is error-prone and not time consuming.

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Top three tips

Get into detail! Stop being vague and give up every single detail you like or don’t like about your employee. Not doing this can lead to misinterpretations and the whole review will miss its purpose entirely.

Follow up. This may very well be the most important advice to remember. While it may seem obvious, many managers get their employee performance reviews and just let them wither away in a drawer. You may have made great reports and gotten great actionable feedback, but if you don’t act on those things it will all be a waste of time and resources.

Be honest. This one may not seem that much of a problem at first, but in reality, it is one of the top mistakes employers and managers make when reviewing an employee, they inflate the feedback they receive to avoid confrontation. But at the same time, they are also avoiding giving that employee a chance to improve and making it harder for themselves to fire them if they should.

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