Core values quiz

A core values quiz helps define the fundamental beliefs of an individual or a business. By identifying your core values, you will decipher the very essence of who you are, what you stand for and what your beliefs and goals include. Use a core values quiz to:

Why are core values important?

What is a core values quiz?

What is important to you or your company?

A core values quiz will not only uncover what is important to you or your business, they help create a set of principles – or even a guide – on how to navigate the future and any challenges it throws at you.

It will help you gain a deeper understanding of exactly what your core values are and why they are important to you. This quiz will help you see the dimensions of who you – or your business – are. This information is essential because it will help you navigate the world.

Core Values Quiz
Why use Pointerpro as core values tool?
Why use Pointerpro as core values tool?
Personalized reports

Teach your respondents about their core values through a PDF report.

Adventurous components

A personalized experience with Pointerpro’s variety of assessment components 

Quality question types & features

Vary your question types and focus on engagement!


Personalized reports
Provide respondents a comprehensive PDF report at the end of the quiz
Adventurous components
Provide a personalized experience with various assessment components
Quality question types & features
Vary your question types and focus on engagement!
100 Personal core values
25 personal values for behavior and traits
25 personal values about rights and causes
25 personal values about business practices
25 personal values about company culture
Core values quiz questions
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Tips to create a great core values quiz

You want your quiz to reflect your company and its values – keep those in mind while designing your assessment.

Ask similar questions in different ways to really nail down the answers, and keep the questions simple and straight to the point.

Vary your question types so the quiz doesn’t feel redundant. You want your respondents to really dive deep into the questions, so you need to keep their focus throughout the questionnaire.

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