Develop (brand) identity with a core values quiz

Strong identities emerge from core values. 

A core values quiz deciphers the essence of a person or organization.

A core values quiz, built with Pointerpro, auto-generates the advice to cultivate that essence:

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How it works:
How it works:


You set up your questionnaire and questions, once.



You apply the assessment logic and scoring, once.



You create a report template with all the necesarry variables, once.

You set up your questionnaire, once.
You apply your evaluation logic, once.
You create a report template, once.

What Pointerpro clients are saying

Specialized consultants use Pointerpro to digitize their advice delivery with maturity assessments, risk assessments, personality assessments and more.

Core Values Quiz

A personalized quiz experience

Guide respondents through an enjoyable quiz experience by conditioning questions and intermediate feedback to answer options.

Provide a professionally designed, branded and personalized report in PDF format. It is auto-generated for each respondent, based on a single template you create.

One tool to manage it all

Typically, a complex and expensive chain of tools is required to get from data collection and analysis to personalized reporting. Not with Pointerpro. It all happens on one platform.

All in one solution

Why build a (brand) core values quiz with automated advice?

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Develop people & careers

Serve individuals by objectively identifying their core values. Associate it with clear and constructive guidelines for personal and professional development.


Match up the right persons

Align the values of individuals, teams, and companies. With Pointerpro you don’t just build a core values quiz. You build a recruitment and retention tool.


Shape company culture

Develop authentic brand or HR guidelines for companies to live by. Values shape people. People shape company cultures. Your assessments help shape their future.

Your expertise. Your product. Your brand

Are you a coach or consultant? Looking to build a personal core values quiz or a brand core values quiz to serve clients?

With Pointerpro, you consolidate your know-how in a digital assessment tool to generate top-quality PDF reports on autopilot. And they deserve to carry your design and logo, don’t they?


This software comes with service

The ReportR plan includes your personal trainer. This expert will onboard you and guide you, through the ins and outs of the tool.

Literally, your success is our success. Let’s get things done.

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What is a core values quiz exactly?

A (brand) core values quiz help you gain a deeper understanding of exactly what your core values are and why they are important to you. Core values quiz questions revolve around a list of 100 possible core values. 

Read through the end of this page to discover the lists of core values and some core values examples:

100 Personal core values
25 personal values for behavior and traits
25 personal values about rights and causes
25 personal values about business practices
25 personal values about company culture
Core values quiz questions

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