7 Mind-blowingly useful content marketing tools to skyrocket your website traffic

Every entrepreneur and website owner struggles with generating website traffic. Many website owners work diligently on SEO and content marketing for months, hoping to boost website traffic. While some of them succeed, many of them are left disappointed, wondering which of their tactics failed them.

The major issue that website owners face is the inability to execute traditional SEO tactics, which experts claim work for them. What appears to work for others can work for you too, provided you use the right tools to enable it. The following are 7 content marketing tools to skyrocket your website traffic.

1. DrumUp

Social media generally features among the top sources of traffic for many websites. While you may already be receiving substantial referral traffic from social media platforms, you have probably not maximized social media’s potential as a source of traffic.

content marketing tool - Drumup

DrumUp is a social media management tool that you can use to maximize your social media referrals. First, set up your blog’s RSS feed on DrumUp. Next, automate the publishing of posts from your blog’s feed to social media. Finally, store a set of “best posts” on the tool’s libraries and set those libraries on an automatic posting schedule at a regulated frequency.

The consistent, frequent and varied posting of your content on social media will increase your website traffic over time.

 Tips to maximize website traffic using DrumUp
  • Each time you publish a blog post, create multiple versions of social posts inspired by your blog post and save them to DrumUp’s auto-posting libraries. These social posts could be quotes, studies, and tips you have shared on the blog post. Accompany them with relevant images to make them even more effective.
  • Add RSS feeds of the top news agencies and non-competing blogs in your industry to DrumUp’s dashboard and connect social accounts to them for easy scheduling. Each day, spend 10 minutes scrolling through the latest news in your niche and share them with your social media fans. They will be grateful to you for it. The tool also suggests relevant hashtags and @mentions so you can increase exposure to your social accounts.

2. Pointerpro

One of the smartest ways to increase website visitor engagement is to ask them questions. In a world where marketing is focused on force-feeding information, interactive content such as surveys and quizzes can be seen as very refreshing.

Use the tool’s templates to quickly create your survey. Simply share your survey on your target platform and monitor its performance.

Tips to maximize website traffic using Pointerpro
  • Conduct a survey concerned with an important, relevant topic among your website visitors and customers and publish it on your blog. Bloggers everywhere appreciate new and relevant research and often link out to such resources. Through this backlinking and the SEO it causes, you can generate high-quality website traffic.
  • Create a fun quiz to engage your social media audience. Social media users are more likely to interact with fun content than with plain, one-dimensional posts. Instead of publishing the quiz on social media, you could even redirect people from your social page to your web pages, increasing your website traffic in the process.

3. Piktochart

Infographics were all the rage a few years ago when marketers had just begun to use them to generate website traffic. Since then, the excitement surrounding infographics has died down, but they can still help you generate a substantial amount of website traffic.

content marketing tool - piktochart

Piktochart is an infographic design tool that you can use to put together infographics easily. First, pick a stock template on the tool that suits your needs. Next, create the content you intend to fill in the infographic and insert it into the design. Finally, add your logo, sources and download the infographic to distribute.

Don’t limit your distribution to social media platforms. Share your infographics on infographic directories, SlideShare and request editors of others blogs in your niche to share your infographics where relevant.

Tips to maximize website traffic using Piktochart
  • Choose the right topic for your infographic. Don’t pick a topic that has been overdone, unless you have a marketing plan that can help make it more popular than its copies. Ideally choose a topic that is of interest to other bloggers, because they can give you access to a wide and relevant audience.
  • Create an infographic distribution plan that maximizes your infographic’s visibility. Share your infographic on as many channels as possible – social media, email, and any other channel to which you may have access to maximize reach.

4. BuzzSumo

Certain topics invariably perform better on social media than others, but there’s no way to know without actual testing. The success of these topics depend on the current trends on social media, happenings in your industry and the activity of your target groups.

BuzzSumo is a content analysis tool that you can use to assess if a certain topic is worth creating. First, list the keywords in your industry for which you’d want to rank. Next, conduct a search for those keywords on BuzzSumo and make note of the posts that are ranking. Pen down a post that has more value than the top three posts combined. Identify the high-value backlinks of the top posts and conduct a backlink outreach campaign.

Tips to maximize website traffic using BuzzSumo
  • Focus on keywords that have medium competition, not on the ones that are too big to go after. Before you use BuzzSumo for content analysis, use a keyword research tool to identify the keywords worth going after. Instead of going after big keywords with a lot of traffic, you can easily rank for a bunch of medium competition keywords and generate a substantial amount of website traffic.
  • Create a bunch of posts based on your BuzzSumo research. They can help you grow high-quality website traffic targeted at a wide range of products over time.

5. Ahrefs

SEO is an indispensable part of generating website traffic. Traffic generated by SEO is also extra-valuable because it is intent based and very likely to convert. However, SEO is very technical and hard to manage without the support of reliable tools.

content marketing tool - Ahrefs

Ahrefs is a backlink research tool that you can use for SEO insights. First use Ahrefs to conduct keyword research for your domain. Identify the keywords that you could potentially rank for and use them to create your blog content ideas. Finally, use the tool to analyze backlinks leading to your competitors’ domains, and make note of their major sources of traffic, so you can create a content strategy using those insights.

Tips to maximize website traffic using Ahrefs
  • Use Ahrefs to identify your top performing content, which has received the most shares on social media and website backlinks. Create a content strategy that replicates those posts, so you can maximize your website traffic.
  • Use Ahrefs to identify your competition’s top performing content, so you can use that content to model your own. After you have created content that provides more value than your competitor’s content, reach out to the domains you know typically link out to such posts for backlinks.

6. SubReddits

Social media isn’t limited to Facebook and Twitter. Many companies successfully use Reddit to drive traffic to their websites.

SubReddits are discussion forums on Reddit that are typically very active and engaged. Before you begin using Reddit, it’s important to build a Reddit presence. This includes completing your profile and interacting with people in different subReddits. Once you have a presence, you can think about marketing is subReddits.

The trick to marketing in subReddits is to not market in subReddits. Reddit’s community is upfront, blunt and intolerant to marketing. If you are adding value to subReddit’s, you can be transparent and mention your products at the right time.

Tips to maximize website traffic using SubReddits
  • Involve yourself actively in discussions that are a part of the subReddit you wish to target. Go out of your way to assist the members of those subReddits. You can build invaluable relationships and long-term customers in the process.
  • Identify the top submissions in your subReddit and model your submissions to be like them. It’s very likely that these posts will perform well in these subReddits. Play by the ear and really pay attention to which responses are popular and which ones aren’t. This can help you make better decisions when participating in subReddits.

7. StoryChief

Imagine creating content via one tool, having to cross-check it for its SEO score via another tool, only to publish it across all your different platforms. That’s exactly what StoryChief helps you with.

StoryChief content marketing tool

StoryChief is a content marketing solution for marketing teams and content agencies. First, you create a blog post and enrich it with media like photos, videos, or even tweets and Instagram posts. Meanwhile, your team can collaborate by giving feedback or adding comments to your post. Then you publish to all your relevant channels with the click of a button.

The handy thing about StoryChief is that you get to work together in one platform for the whole content creation and distribution process. To measure your impact, you can check the analytics of your posts and create reports.

Tips to maximize website traffic using StoryChief
  • You can use the Campaigns feature to maximize the impact of your content. Based on one campaign keyword, you can add multiple articles and social media posts. This way, you can center your campaigns around certain keywords.
  • One of the cool things is that StoryChief allows you to post content for the future in a handy content calendar – one that you can sync with your work calendar as well. This way you’ll never miss a content deadline again.

That’s a wrap

The struggle involved in generating website traffic can be alleviated by using the right tools and strategies. This post provides a great guide to get a head start.

Got other tools that help you grow your website traffic? Be sure to leave them in the comments below!

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