Pointerpro Launched!

Launch of Pointerpro

After months of hard work, today we have launched Pointerpro!

Pointerpro is based on its successful predecessor Tabletquiz, currently used by all types of organizations, including marketing agencies, universities, food multinationals, hospitals, event organizers, manufacturing firms, marketing research organizations, and more.

We are thankful to the Tabletquiz user community for all the useful feedback that we have received: this has allowed us to set the right priorities during the development of Pointerpro. All Tabletquiz data – including all user accounts and all surveys/quizzes – have been migrated to Pointerpro.

Our ultimate goal is to enable organizations to better understand their customers. We believe mobile technology has the potential to drastically change the interaction between companies and consumers.

Through better interaction with customers, companies will improve their customer insight, leading to higher customer satisfaction and ultimately to more revenue and profit.

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To reach our goal, we are focusing on following key elements:

  1. Mobile: above all our solution is designed for mobile devices, because we think that mobile is the most appropriate technology for acquiring customer feedback
  2. Attractive: we aim at nicely looking surveys and quizzes, which can easily be branded according to our customers’ needs
  3. Easy: we focus on simplicity and speed, instead of offering the broadest possible range of features

We are convinced that our mobile survey tool outperforms both expensive dedicated survey solutions and computer-based online surveys and quizzes. We invested significant development effort to create smashing surveys that respondents can take anywhere with any tablet or smartphone, regardless of brand or platform. In addition, we have made it very easy to create surveys as well to analyze the results without the need of any technical knowledge, through features such as automatic custom design and real-time results graphs.

In our cases section, you can discover that our tool is used by 9 year old children to create quizzes about school-related topics, and as well by a multinational company to gather in-the-moment feedback during a CEO event.

We are excited about the possibilities offered by today’s mobile technologies, in the enterprise and beyond. Through this blog we will keep you updated on use cases and best practices about how mobile technologies can be beneficial in different domains, including customer feedback, market research and education.

Looking forward to your reactions!


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