How we collected 5458 emails at a 4-day event with a digital scratch card contest

How exciting! You’re an exhibitor with a booth at an event. You’ve got your product displayed just right, your booth looks inviting and now you’re ready to welcome hundreds of possible prospects.
So what’s the easiest and most qualitative way to collect leads?

Not another boring sign-up form

Try remembering a moment where you got a scratch card at a store. Or maybe even a moment where you bought one at the lottery when you were feeling lucky? That little moment of sheer excitement and hope… Now that’s a feeling you’d like your prospects to experience! And with your own product? Even better.

This little moment of joy inspired us to create a new approach to lead generation: By setting up a short contest with a digital scratch card on a tablet, you can tease your visitors into playing and leaving their contact data to receive their prize.

They enter their name and contact details, maybe answer a couple of questions you’d like to ask and then they scratch away. That’s all it takes. They immediately see whether or not they’ve won.

Need inspiration for prizes? Think of:

  • A digital coupon (e.g. a $10 discount) which is emailed afterwards
  • A goodie which is given immediately
  • Or a larger price (e.g. a smartphone). In this case you can just lower the win probability.

A recipe for success, tasted AND approved

By using the correct tone of voice and incorporating your brands’ visual identity, you can use the scratch card for lead generation in practically every situation.

event lead collection results

Both cases had great results for their setup. Keep in mind that case 2 had a longer survey, asking more questions. This resulted in more qualitative information and therefore a more qualitative lead, but it also meant a higher cost per lead.

Get started with your scratch card-competition in 4 simple steps

  1. You need tablets. The number, of course, depending on the amount of expected visitors and/or the size of your team. The great thing about the Pointerpro tool is that it easily works on Apple, Android or Windows devices. Keep in mind: a person who is standing next to the tablet works best to start up a conversation. But you can just easily set your tablet up in ‘kiosk-mode’ to let prospects get started on their own.
  2. To wifi or not to wifi? If you can provide a strong connection (wifi or 3g), try to collect your data online and in realtime. It is possible to use the tool offline, but be aware that you need to sync the information afterwards. Tip: if your wifi is not reliable or slow, don’t hesitate. Turn it off and go for offline data capture.
  3. Let a banner attract visitors from across the room. Try not to use the word ‘survey’, instead focus on the fact that people can win something and mention the scratch card explicitly.Good to know: Put your logo clearly at the top, add your call to ‘scratch’ immediately below. Feeling inspired and want more tips on banner design? Go here!
  4. Set up your scratch card-contest in just minutes with Pointerpro. You’ll need the Professional Plan if you expect less than 2000 responses, otherwise you’ll need the Enterprise Plan.

Following example survey contains a scratch card after the 4th question. Give it a try, scratch away!

[iframe height=”680px” src=”″]

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