Aggregate Reports:

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Tailor feedback to any stakeholder or industry on autopilot:

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Here’s what Aggregate Reports bring to the table

Get tailored insights with Aggregate Reports

Tailored insights

You customize filters to segment groups effortlessly, based on any variable. 

That way you create tailored group reports to suit your and your stakeholders’ needs.

Get comprehensive understanding with Aggregate Reports

Comprehensive understanding

Our feature aggregates the numerous responses from your assessments in real-time.

Each report recipient gets clear, consolidated insight into meaningful data and trends.

Get streamlined analysis with Aggregate Reports

Streamlined analysis

You simplify benchmarking individual responses with group results.

Your reports pinpoint distinctions with ease. Result? Informed and purposeful decisions.

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3 report types in 1 Report Builder

In addition to the individual reports that can be downloaded directly by the respondents, the Aggregate Reports feature allows you to go two steps further:

3 types of PDF reports

1. Individual reports

Respondents can download their Individual feedback report right after taking the assessment.

individual reports -Pointerpro
2. Group reports

Any chosen stakeholder can download full-fledged reports with relevant conclusions and actionable tips, based on assessment responses from selected groups of people. 

group reports -Pointerpro
3. Individual vs. Group

Any chosen stakeholder can download reports that compare how an individual's response stands against those of any selected group of people.

individual vs group -Pointerpro

Some potential Aggregate Report use cases

Team report

Team reporting

Team report

360 assessment report

Example of a personalized 360 review feedback report showing individual scores
Benchmark report

Benchmark reporting

Benchmark report

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More about how to build Aggregate Reports

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