Assessment software to digitize your advice

Pointerpro is an all-in-one platform to create attractive online assessments and automatically deliver personalized advice reports in PDF.


Trusted by more than 1.000 companies like consultants, coaches, HR and marketers,
to build maturity assessments, personality tests, risk assessments, guided selling assessments, and much more.

How it works:


You create crystal clear questionnaires to gather numerous responses. How? Using the questionnaire builder with templates, smart widgets and effective question types.


Transform the answers given into useful output for respondents. This could be a score, category, maturity level, personality type and more. How? By presetting variables, rules and scores, based on answer options.


Convert the output into an auto-generated report, containing personalized advice for every respondent. How? Thanks to Pointerpro’s drag-and-drop Report Builder.

Greater professionalism, less effort

Occupy the boundless online territory with a digitalized service. An assessment that interacts with customers as your brand.

More revenue, same payroll

Keep the meaningful work to you and your team, while your assessments serve more customers on autopilot.

Faster onboarding, lower thresholds

Jumpstart projects by directly delivering value to prospects: personalized and actionable feedback in a PDF report.

Why choose Pointerpro?

I needed and found a modular assessment builder that allowed me to customize solutions based upon any variable.

Brian Glibkowski

Semplar Science

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Why choose Pointerpro?

We were pretty impressed with the idea of doing a marketing assessment and how it turned out for us

Krista Neher

Bootcamp Digital

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Why choose Pointerpro?

Because of Pointerpro, my cost per lead is 25% of what many Facebook marketers would say is best practice

Krister Ungerbock

Founder - The global Talk SHIFT™ movement

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