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The hotel and resort business is often based on reputation.

See what guests think about the experience at your hotel. A hotel survey offers customizable questions about guest satisfaction for collecting meaningful feedback on any aspect of the hotel or resort.

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Why use the Pointerpro hotel survey template?
Why use the Pointerpro hotel survey template?

Automatic email alerts

Get an automated email every time a hospitality survey is completed.

Delightful design features

Experiment with background images, fonts, layout and design for a customized, on brand questionnaire.


Refined survey reporting

Take your reporting to the next level! With Data Filters you can customize to gain actionable insights from guest feedback. Share reports publicly or privately, create real-time presentations and effortlessly export your survey data to CSV or PDF.

Automatic email alerts
Get an email every time your questionnaire is completed.
Delightful design
Experiment with styling elements like images and fonts for a customized survey.
Refined reporting
Gain insights with Data Filters. Share, present and export your data effortlessly.

What is a hotel survey?

A hotel survey is a feedback mechanism used by hotels to gather information and opinions from their guests. It typically involves a set of questions or prompts designed to assess guest satisfaction, gather feedback on various aspects of the hotel experience, and identify areas for improvement. 

The survey may cover topics such as room cleanliness, staff friendliness, amenities, food quality, and overall guest experience. The purpose of a hotel survey is to obtain valuable insights from guests, gauge their satisfaction levels, and make data-driven decisions to enhance the quality of service and meet guest expectations. 

The feedback collected through hotel surveys helps hotels identify strengths and weaknesses, address any issues promptly, and continuously improve their offerings to provide a better experience for their guests.

What’s included in a hotel survey?

A hotel survey typically includes a range of questions and prompts to gather feedback and opinions from guests. The specific content of a hotel survey may vary depending on the goals and priorities of the hotel, but here are some common elements that are often included:

It’s important for a hotel survey to strike a balance between being comprehensive enough to capture relevant feedback and being concise to encourage participation. The specific questions and format can be tailored to the hotel’s specific needs and objectives, keeping in mind the ultimate goal of gathering actionable insights to enhance the guest experience.

7 Tips for a better hotel survey

Implementing a hotel survey effectively can help you gather valuable guest feedback and insights. Here are seven tips to consider when implementing a hotel survey:

Remember, the success of a hotel survey depends not only on its design but also on the implementation and action taken based on the feedback received. Regularly evaluating and adapting your survey approach will help you gather meaningful insights to enhance the guest experience and drive guest loyalty.

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