Assessment software with automated reports

Pointerpro is the leading assessment software according to G2, Trustpilot and Capterra.

Discover a unique 2-in-1 software that combines assessment building with report generation. It’s the tool to professionalize your service.

Advise while others still analyze

Stakeholders want less conversation and more action. Gain their trust from day 1 with actionable feedback.

Pointerpro generates reports immediately after respondent completion.

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Your expertise. Your product. Your brand.

With Pointerpro, you consolidate and retain all valuable know-how to generate top quality reports time after time – on autopilot.

And that deserves your company’s design and logo, don’t you think?

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One tool, no complexity

Typically, a complex and expensive chain of tools is required to get from data collection and analysis to personalized reporting. Not with Pointerpro.

That said, if you have an existing CRM you need to link up to, it’s an easy trick with tools like Zapier and Make.

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This software comes with service

The ReportR plan includes your personal trainer. This expert will onboard you and guide you, through the ins and outs of the tool.

Literally, your success is our success. Let’s get things done.

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You're in safe hands

We’re ISO 27001:2022 certified!

ISO 27001 certification assures our customers of a steadfast commitment to maintaining the highest standards of information security and safeguarding their valuable data.

This certification underscores Pointerpro’s dedication to meeting global benchmarks and instilling confidence and trust in the reliability and security of its services.

We integrate with your favorite tools via

Google tag manager

Google Tag Manager




Cloud SQL




Make (formerly Integromat)

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Frequently Asked

Pointerpro is a software platform to create your own online assessments, automatically generate personalized reports and manage the distribution of assessments.

The number of responses we take into account equals the number of people that completed one of your questionnaires. Depending on your plan, you have access to a set number of responses per month. No worries, we store all the responses you collect, so if you exceed your monthly limit, you can always upgrade to a higher plan to view all your responses.

Pointerpro’s servers are hosted at Amazon Web Services (AWS) in Ireland (EU/EEA) (more info here), the world’s largest and most reliable cloud infrastructure provider. All our servers are set up redundantly to prevent loss of data or unavailability of any kind. Our SLA with AWS ensures any issue be taken up with the highest priority. Our specialized infrastructure and operations provider keeps a watchful eye to make sure everything is done following the highest standards and operating smoothly. For more info check Pointerpro’s security statement.

We have over 50 languages supported. You can create each assessment and report in one or more languages. You can check the full supported languages list here.

Automatically transfer your collected data to the apps and tools you use every day. Check our overview of integrations, including Pointerpro API and webhook.

We offer two approaches: Do-it-yourself (DIY) and done-for-you (DFY).
DIY is a hands-on approach to building everything by yourself. We will ensure you learn how to use the key features to build a great assessment and report. Likewise, we’ll support you until you are ready to go live and launch the assessment to the respondents

DFY is the quickest way to get there. Our team will do the heavy lifting here. You will simply share with us the existing version of the assessment and pdf report and we will translate them into Pointerpro. Once we are done, we will teach you how to make changes to it, teach you how to distribute the assessment for you to master your desired workflow.

We have had people set up in days, others in months. We suggest starting the onboarding 1 to 3 months prior to launch.

We offer a do-it-yourself solution to build your own assessments, rangingfrom personality to skills to cybersecurity, and far beyond. The aim of our platform is to help you leverage your own expertise. That means, we don’t we don’t provide any content for your assessments.

Our team of experts will walk you through the ideal journey to build your perfect assessment and report. Whether you have it ready or are in the process of figuring it out and have decided to create it directly on Pointerpro.We aim to make you self-sufficient so you can create and edit without our assistance. But if you do, we will be there. They will ensure you understand Pointerpro’s capabilities. They will also assist before, during, and after you go live to explore further other use cases that expand the impact of Pointerpro within your organization.

We are a global company that serves businesses across every industry with stories similar to yours. Check out our gallery of customer case studies.

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Who is Pointerpro a perfect fit for?



Turn your expertise into your digital product and free up time for strategic tasks.


Human Resources

Build various types of questionnaires (360, staff engagement, training assessments etc) in a single tool and customise results based on responses.



Guide leads to the best product or service and provide feedback tailored to every lead individually.

Need us to build your product from A to Z?

Happy to do so! We can set up your assessment and personalized report builder. You only need to come up with what you want to ask, assess and advise. 

Ask about this option when you get your demo.