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Organizational culture surveys are used to gage the standard behaviors that define a business and its culture. These surveys can be used to analyze the existing organizational culture as well as what your employees want it to become.

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What is an Organizational Culture Survey?

Organizational culture defines your business. It includes the values, beliefs, missions, goals, attitudes and assumptions of your team as a whole. Each business has its own personality – fun, serious, ambitious, laid back, etc. It is what attracts and retains talent in competitive industries. That’s why it’s so important to make sure your company culture reflects what you and your team want from the business. A culture that fits your company will lead it to long-term success, but one that doesn’t fit your business’s personality and values will lower moral and motivation.

Popular examples of these assessments include the Business Needs Scorecard (BNS); Job Satisfaction Survey and a Common Good, Transformation, Self-Interest Diagram (CTS).

Company culture is something that evolves frequently as your team expands and changes. These assessments provide opportunities for you to better understand your current culture and how to adapt it to best benefit you, your team and your business overall.


Understanding Your Culture

Each business has its own culture based on its values, beliefs and goals. There aren’t necessarily “right” or “wrong” cultures – it mainly depends on what is important to the company. 

Below are the types of cultures:

In order to build onto your culture, you first need to understand the culture type you currently have.

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Personalized Reports with ReportR

Help your team better understand both the goals and what’s important in terms of company culture with ReportR, which provides a comprehensive PDF report. at the end of the questionnaire that can contain individual as well as team, department or company data.

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White Label Your Organizational Culture Survey

These questionnaires are focused specifically on your business, so make them truly your own with our White Label option. Remove the Pointerpro branding on your questionnaire so you can use your own logos, brand colors, unique URL, branded reports and more. 

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Adventurous Assessment Components

The crème de la crème of a personalized experience… Create it with assessment-features such as Variable Scores per answer, personalized Outcomes, and an Animated Gauge to indicate results. Our Formulas feature, which allows you to do calculations within the questionnaire to get even more insightful feedback.

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Engaging Email Options

Deliver questionnaires directly into the right mailbox. Share your masterpiece with Email Invitations, stay in touch through Variable Confirmation Emails and keep your communication in order with Respondent Grouping.

Organizational Culture Survey Example Questions

Tips To Create a Great Organizational Culture Survey

  1. Your employees are busy! You don’t want to take too much time away from their projects and tasks, so make sure to keep the questions simple and straight-forward.
  2. Vary the question format with multiple choice, scales and open-ended questions to keep your employees engaged throughout the assessment.
  3. Make sure your quiz reflects your company culture, whether it be fun and playful or more serious and straight to the point. 

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