How (and why!) to start using training evaluations

training tools

Have you ever walked out of a classroom and thought “What did we actually learn in class just now?” and just couldn’t remember? Nothing is more frustrating or tiresome than attending a training that isn’t relevant, interesting OR effective. Now turn that scenario around, if you’re a company investing in employee training or you’re the educator standing […]

Are you hiring the right person? 5 Assessments you can use to find out.

Whether you’ve hired 100 people or you’re looking for your first employee, the job never gets any easier. How do you know if someone will be the right fit? It’s a difficult task – you have to find the perfect balance of skills, knowledge, personality, and more and then keeping your fingers crossed that you’ll […]

How to boost knowledge retention with interactive quizzes

Retencion de conocimiento en capacitaciones

Knowledge retention is both the success factor and the biggest challenge for a training. What’s the point of investing in the training and development of your employees if they don’t recall any of it? And how do you follow up over longer periods of time if your training is remembered? Or – more importantly – […]

How to Implement Quizzes in Your Marketing Strategy

Quizzes in marketing - preview

How to Implement Quizzes in Your Marketing Strategy Are you thinking of adding quizzes in your marketing strategy, but don’t know if they are worth it? Quizzes have always been very popular in print media and on the web because the average consumer enjoys seeing the result they get in the end. Moreover, the average […]