How to make polls on Instagram (Step-by-step guide)

increase customer satisfaction with instagram polls

Last Updated: December 3, 2021 No matter what your business is, focusing on customer retention is a proven way to grow revenue. Although it’s important to attract new customers, selling to them can cost five times more than satisfying and keeping current ones. And to give your customer a clear reason to choose your brands over the competitors, […]

What is a good NPS score?

‘What exactly is this NPS everyone is talking about?’ you might be asking yourself right now. Well you’re not the only one out there, but that’s why I decided to write this article for you guys. In this blog I’ll be discussing what NPS is and where it came from, how to calculate it, what a […]

5 Benefits of using business surveys

Last Updated: October 22, 2021. With today’s technology, the ability to create, design and distribute surveys has increased exponentially. This growth in technology brings a whole new host of options available to SMEs who are seeking to gain deeper insights from their primary research. In this article, we aim to shed light on 5 ways […]

The importance of surveys and user feedback in conversion rate optimization

user feedback for conversion rate optimization

I was speaking recently at a conference with well-known consumer psychologist Bart Schutz. When asked about making assumptions in the context of conversion rate optimization, his face lit up with energy: “Assuming is one of our biggest enemies.” He continued: “What my company [Online Dialogue] brings when they bring a culture of validation into the whole organization, […]

3 Brand perception survey questions that reveal voice of customer

brand perception survey

“We really need to listen to the voice of the customer.” If you’ve never heard this phrase before, then you either walk around with your headphones in all day or you’ve never worked at a startup. 89 percent of companies are using customer experience as a way to differentiate and compete. If 9 in 10 companies are […]