Pointerpro V3 is here! What’s new?

It’s been a long time coming.
After a year of working on Pointerpro’s new interface diligently, it’s finally here!

A lot of features got a makeover, changed names, were torn down and rebuilt from scratch and now a better survey-making experience is ready to see the light of day.

So, what’s new?

Your questionnaires will still look the same for your respondents. It’s behind the screens that the magic is happening: The optimized design and navigation will help you fly through the questionnaire creation process. Designed to build the engaging kind of interactions that modern surveys and quizzes need to be a success.

In other words: We built you a bigger playground! 🙂

At first glance

Pointerpro V3 Dashboard

Instant insights:
The old dashboard has been stripped of unnecessary clutter and now offers you a “clean” workspace. A sidebar will deliver instant insights by showing your recent activity, along with a list of latest responses you collected.

Recommendations while you work:
Find helpful tips, tutorials, videos and links to relevant content, based on your location in the tool.

A first-time user will see step-by-step user guides and advice on which question types to use or even how you can increase response rates!
The more you advance throughout the tool, the more advanced tips you’ll get.

Pointerpro V3 Recommendation engine 3

Free trials of paid plans:
Have a taste of the goodies! Everybody is now able to test drive advanced features and specific perks of the Essential and Professional plan. Play around for free for 7 days before you decide to sign up for a plan that best meets your needs.

Play with design

Play with design

More freedom in design:
While you adapt design, the software will show you a sneak peek in the same screen. Ideal to find that perfect color hue or transparency percentage.
Discover 40+ new fonts, and a clearer color logic that remembers your logo design colors.

Expressive text editing:
Happy dance! We know this one had room for improvement. Our new WYSIWYG Text editor has become more user-friendly and is now fully equipped with an expressive set of emoticons.

Build smarter questionnaires

Just publishing a list of all our improved features would look quite impressive, but what does that translate to?

With this new version of Pointerpro, it is our primary goal to give you all the tools to build smarter questionnaires. To ask questions in a more engaging way.

Decision trees with complex logic:
New logic rules allow you to build many more steps that take place behind the screens while a respondent takes your questionnaire. It will reduce the number of questions that someone has to take to an absolute minimum.

In three screenshots:

  • How the old logic worked:
    (Users of the Free and Essential plans will have access to this approach)
    skip logic a
  • How the new logic works:
    (Available for users of the Professional plan and up.)
    skip logic b
  • What “taking it to the next level” looks like:
    (Users with the Enterprise plan are allowed to go crazy with this one.)
    skip logic c

An example, using these expanded question logic rules, could look like this:

A food supplements company sells over 30 kinds of products, where each product has its own characteristics.
Pharmacists who are selling these supplements have a lot of difficulties to determine which product is most suited for a particular individual.
By answering a set of simple questions, a decision tree will help them filter through all possible options and point them towards the best choice.

Advanced calculations with formulas:
Built for our lovely Enterprise users out there! This works especially well in cases where you want to make price calculations and automatically generate price proposals at the end of your questionnaire.

Enter a volume and a price per unit, and both will be multiplied. In combination with decision trees, you can lead the customer through the right track.

An example using formulas and custom scoring could look like this:

Your sports blog has an article published on the benefits of drinking enough water.
Enrich the content with a questionnaire that allows readers to calculate their optimal water intake.
Based on answers to questions such as physical exercise, age, weight, location, and temperature …
All scores are added with the correct formulas and return a clear, simple number of liters of water you need to drink a day.

Other changes to discover

Just a few more things…

  • Email invitations will now be set up via your survey editor and no longer via a separate UI. You’ll be able to create invitation templates based on previously sent emails.
  • Preview questions individually. No need to run through your entire survey just to see what the last question looks like. Simply click the preview button next to a specific question that you want to look at!
    The same approach works for the Final screen, Translation screen, and Outcomes.
  • Complete percentage in languages. You will also be able to see how much of a new language is complete while translating. Easier to track your progress and a lot harder to miss anything.

And in reporting

  • Zoom button for images. The images uploaded by respondents in your reports would look very small. Not being able to open the images to look at details has been solved with an easy zoom button on all images.
  • Save sorting preferences table charts. Looking at specific results in tables rather than charts? Sorting these tables could be a hassle. Save your sorting preferences for when you return.

Improved names for improved features

Don’t get confused, but some features have been renamed…
Here are the old names and their new counterparts.

Respondent group = Contact list
User Management = Team management
Custom Fields = Intro fields
Star rating, Emoji rating, Smiley rating  = Rating questions 
Respondents = Contacts


That’s all folks!

Dive right in. explore!

About the author:
Stefan Debois

Stefan Debois

As the CEO of Pointerpro, Stefan focuses on how to get the best results from the tool - preferably backed with real-life data.

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