Automate your expertise

Create your own online assessments and automatically provide respondents with personalized reports. Turn your expertise into a tool that delivers individualized advice at scale.

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Return value in three simple steps:


Create clear and organized assessments. Gather info from your respondents, using templates including widgets and the most effective question types.


Transform the answers given into useful output for respondents. This could be a score, category, maturity level, personality type and more.


Convert the output into an auto-generated report, containing personalized advice for every respondent.

Create with ease

Create your very own customized assessments fast and intuitively. No need for specialized coding or software skills.

Develop stronger customer relationships

Initiate a lower engagement threshold and use the personalized report to spotlight your company’s fortes and expertise.

Save time by innovating

Set yourself apart from the competition and shift your time to the things that matter the most.

Why choose Pointerpro?

I needed and found a modular assessment solution that allowed me to customize solutions based upon any variable

Brian Glibkowski

Semplar Science

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Why choose Pointerpro?

We were pretty impressed with the idea of doing a marketing assessment and how it turned out for us

Krista Neher

Bootcamp Digital

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Why choose Pointerpro?

Because of Pointerpro, my cost per lead is 25% of what many Facebook marketers would say is best practice

Krister Ungerbock

Founder - The global Talk SHIFT™ movement

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